A very close race in chirn

With 51.45 percent of the vote, tschirn’s long-serving mayor, peter klinger (CSU), won out over his rival, klaus daum (alternative fur tschirn), who lost by a narrow margin of 48.55 percent.

Only eleven votes separated klinger from his opponent’s result. This also confirms his own assessments, which he had formed over the past few days. Klinger, who is thus running for his fourth term, admits: "I was already trembling a bit. It is precisely the well-organized election campaign of the opposing party that has given me food for thought in recent weeks. What was achieved on the eve of the election was remarkable. So naturally, I was a little tense throughout the election day. Of course, I am even more pleased that I can continue to be active as mayor", says peter klinger.

Continue projects

In the last municipal elections, he was separated by only 36 votes from his rival. Peter klinger has now been in office as first mayor for 18 years and is therefore visibly pleased with his renewed victory while talking to us. He is now entering his fourth term of office and would like to continue directly with his open projects. So it is with great confidence that he will make his usual trip to the town hall after the election.

One example of his plans is the use of the north-east bavaria demand offensive, which aims, for example, to put vacant buildings to a new use. "In concrete terms, this concerns the frankenwald guesthouse, which we have already been able to acquire successfully. We now have to decide what benefits we can derive from this plant. At the moment, a project for senior citizens is being considered as a new use for the space", klinger explains.

"I’m looking forward to getting back to tackling issues and working on upcoming projects now that the election campaign is over." Klinger is nevertheless also reflective, because the ongoing crisis situation surrounding the spreading corona virus worries him, as it does many others. "I find the situation quite alarming. Current developments confirm that it is important to refrain from crude events." Health is very important, and the virus represents a danger, especially for risk groups, "which we must prevent as far as possible. That’s why he and those responsible decided not to hold the race this year. "I believe that the government’s decisions are the right ones," says peter klinger, klinger assesses the current situation.


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