A worthy namesake

A worthy namesake

For 25 years, the former dettelbach elementary school and current primary and secondary school has borne the name of wurzburg’s prince bishop rudolf von scherenberg. Keynote speaker dr. Hans bauer presented the life and work of the secular and spiritual leader. At the same time, he asked if scherenberg was a worthy namesake.

From 1988, all children in dettelbach had to attend the rudolf von scherenberg school. Since that time, the educational institution has borne the name of the prince bishop from wurzburg. At that time, the government of lower franconia followed a joint request by the principal, hans bauer, the teaching staff and the town council. In an hour of celebration on the occasion of the 25. On the occasion of the school’s name day, bauer introduced the guest of honor rudolf von scherenberg and his work.

"An important man at the end of the middle ages who moved a lot." Hans bauer on rudolf von scherenberg

Born in frankenwinheim in 1401, he soon embarked on an ecclesiastical career. However, he was only appointed bishop at the age of 65. The string-pullers believed that, due to his advanced age, they had chosen a transitional bishop who could be manipulated and who they would soon be rid of again. This was a misjudgement in two respects. The prince bishop reached with 94 years a blessed age for that time. In addition, he eliminated many deficiencies in the church and reorganized the bishopric, which was struggling financially.

Scherenberg has an outstanding significance for dettelbach. Thus, he relieved the very high indebtedness, gave dettelbach a comprehensive village order and elevated the village to the status of a town in 1484. As a result, dettelbach became the seat of the town and received the right to hold markets. As a result, the city experienced a bleeding time. Bauer stated: " rudolf von scherenberg was a "significant man at the end of the middle ages, who moved a great deal. But is he also a worthy namesake??"From the time of the prince-bishop, executions of "heretics" are documented. In this respect, scherenberg was a "child of his time," according to the speaker. On the other hand, one has to ask what dettelbach would have been without rudolf von scherenberg. The town owes so much to scherenberg that the naming of the town is justified.

Principal jutta fey buried the guests of honor and led through the program. The music was provided by felicia greipel (block flute) and ingeborg braun-scheubeck (piano). Deputy mayor ernst dobler spoke a greeting, also on behalf of the mayor of schwarzach, lothar nagel. School representatives presented their school in 2013 and the school wine that was created as a result of a project. This was also allowed to be tasted. Schoolchildren from the "social affairs" branch had prepared a snack and so it was only natural that guests, parents and participating schoolchildren came together in small discussion groups.


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