Bobby-car track and climbing hill

Bobby-car track and climbing hill

At the meeting of the hebdorf community council in the gymnasium in hannberg on tuesday evening, bernd kounovsky from the planning office of the same name presented the concept for the redesign of the outdoor facilities of the hannberg day care center for children.

In the course of the general renovation of the elementary school, the daycare center was also expanded in the second construction phase. The work in the interior is well advanced and mayor horst rehder (BB) presented the offer of the company elektrotechnik hufmann from hiltpoltstein for the change and extension of the electrical installation for about 35,000 euro gross to the committee. The office HTP building technology project evaluated the offer as necessary and in the high appropriate, so there was no discussion and agreement in the committee.

In the course of the expansion of the daycare center, the kindergarten supervisor of the district office of erlangen-hochstadt determined that the outdoor area of the daycare center also had to be expanded due to the space program. As rehder explained, the floor space is therefore to be expanded from the current 284 to over 556 square meters. For this purpose, the land will be remodeled and the field will be reshaped.

The concept of the planner foresees that the children can let off steam on playground equipment, but there will also be rest areas for occasional breaks. Children can also look forward to a bobby car track, and a climbing hill is being built for the youngest children. "This is important for the children’s fine motor skills", the planner explained. The existing trees are to be largely preserved and the existing playground equipment integrated. According to the planner’s ideas, two large umbrellas should provide the necessary sun protection, but at the suggestion of axel gotthardt (CSU), kounovsky wants to examine the possibility of planting large-crowned trees and compare the costs.

Gotthardt also criticized the cost of demolishing and disposing of a concrete surface for over 20,000 euros, because the bobby car track is to be paved on this site afterwards. The mayor pointed out that the building yard could also be involved, because if the concrete slab lay on a bed of gravel, this material could be used to build the path. The planner also wanted to check this without neglecting the safety aspect. He pointed out that there are also nursery children playing in the open space. As a result of the discussion, it was decided that the concept would be discussed in detail with the nursery management and that the scope of the play formats would be reconsidered. It was already clear to the committee that the planned open space would not be cheap. The planner estimates the total gross cost at around 98,000 euros.


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