Fewer postcards on the way – but a “loyal fan community

Fewer postcards on the way - but a

The number of postcards sent in germany fell again last year. According to the german postal service, a total of 155 million postcards were sent to, from and within germany in 2018 – that's around five percent fewer than in the previous year.

"In times of online messenger services, where people can send good quality pictures quickly, the number of postcards is declining from year to year," post spokesman dirk klasen told dpa.

Songs of jesus and mary

On the one hand entertaining, on the other hand also deep and cryptic, it happened in the gobweinsteiner scheffel-gasthof. 20 guests came to experience the forchheim dialect poet reinhold schmitt with his accordion. The evening was organized by the gobweinsteiner pilgrimage museum and the volkshochschule of the district of forchheim.
For his songs, schmitt reaches right into the heart of life and what is casually called everyday life. At the same time, schmitt's texts are full of biblical references. Sometimes it seems as if adam and eva or the holy family live right next door – under the inconspicuous names of muller, meier or schmitt.

Spectators join in
Reinhold Schmitt doesn't shy away from serious topics either.
Whether it's a death sentence or the difficult fate of a refugee child that leads to tears. But schmitt has the ability to present the painful in an optimistic, humorous way. "I wanted to make people laugh and help them with this. Life is often serious enough, says the former german teacher and author of popular dialect publications. Among the books he has written, for example, are "selicha zeidn and "nto the basement.

A very close race in chirn

With 51.45 percent of the vote, tschirn’s long-serving mayor, peter klinger (CSU), won out over his rival, klaus daum (alternative fur tschirn), who lost by a narrow margin of 48.55 percent.

Only eleven votes separated klinger from his opponent’s result. This also confirms his own assessments, which he had formed over the past few days. Klinger, who is thus running for his fourth term, admits: "I was already trembling a bit. It is precisely the well-organized election campaign of the opposing party that has given me food for thought in recent weeks. What was achieved on the eve of the election was remarkable. So naturally, I was a little tense throughout the election day. Of course, I am even more pleased that I can continue to be active as mayor", says peter klinger.

Local women in the spotlight

Local women in the spotlight

Small red balloons in the shape of hearts pointed the way to the kleinkunstbrettla in untersteinach. There, michael krug from ludwigschorgast and diana miskolci from himmelkron organized a benefit event for the "heart pillow campaign" in favor of cancer patients at the kulmbach clinical center from. The evening was intended on the one hand as a thank-you for the now 15 local women who make heart-shaped cushions for cancer patients as a comfort and to hold on to during a difficult phase of their lives, and on the other hand to collect donations for the material. The hall, which KKB had made available free of charge, was full.

Psychological support

Diana miskolci and sandra krug explained why heart pillows and what they mean to patients in a casual conversation with host joffrey streit. Each of the two women had received such a heart-shaped cushion after the cancer diagnosis or after the operation, which served them as psychological support and is still used today "in weak days" helps.

Google accuses nokia and Microsoft of patent collusion

Google accuses nokia and microsoft of patent collusion

The internet company google has filed a complaint against nokia and microsoft in brussel in connection with the sale of 2000 nokia patents to the exploiting company MOSAID. These include patents that are part of the foundation of technical standards and must therefore be licensed at special conditions. Google accuses nokia and microsoft of collusion that made mobile devices more expensive for users.

"They should be held accountable, and we hope our complaint will encourage others to investigate this practice," a google statement said on friday. Nokia rejects accusation of collusion. Microsoft spoke of a "desperate tactic" by the internet company.

Swiss association: akanji from dortmund infected with corona

swiss association: akanji from dortmund infected with corona

A few hours before the test match in st. Gallen against croatia the swiss fubball association (SFV) announced that manuel akanji of bundesligist borussia dortmund tested positive for the virus. "He is therefore preventively in isolation and shows no symptoms," the association announced on its website. Further clarifications are underway.

While the match against croatia could take place as planned in agreement with the authorities, the upcoming national league matches are uncertain. Switzerland is on 13. October in koln opponents of the german team. Before that, the national team has a match against spain in madrid on saturday. It is unclear what influence the current factual situation will have on the further course of the selection games, it was said on the part of the SFV.

Construction site serves as art gallery

Construction site serves as art gallery

In wide patches, various coats of paint flake off the walls. How often might paint have been applied to the former patient rooms at jagersburg castle?? The crumbling paint reminds michaela schwarzmann of the bark of trees, of plane trees. "This will be my "tree room, she recognized it immediately and convinced the landlord stephan graf bentzel, himself a painter, to use the castle rooms for an exhibition in the middle of the reconstruction.
Her opinion was shared by four other fellow artists: wolfgang schmidt from poppendorf, milada weber from wimmelbach, ferdinand bagusat from munich and hermine gold. The ceramicist was inspired by schwarzmann's idea and chose a room from which the partition wall had just been broken out as the site for an installation. To the left and right of the fracture, she arranged small ceramic panels; under the open table ledge, she hung a series of paintings about chairs and tables. They have one thing in common with the wall: all are somehow damaged. The past, irretrievable condition of the rooms it has included entirely.

Window paintings

F1 in vacation mode – hulkenberg: “don’t feel exhausted”

F1 in vacation mode - hulkenberg: 'don't feel exhausted'

Nico hulkenberg doesn”t need a breather at all. The renault driver even did some more test laps on the hungarian ring. But after that, even the man from emmerich can say goodbye to his formula 1 summer vacation.

Hulkenberg spends two weeks in mallorca. Only on 26. August the king of motorsports with him, sebastian vettel& co. Back with the belgian grand prix in spa-francorchamps.

Bundestag adopts rules for diesel driving bans

Bundestag adopts rules for diesel driving bans

Exemptions for new diesel cars, spot checks only: the grand coalition wants to keep the consequences of driving bans in cities as low as possible.

One of the most important regulations passed by the bundestag in berlin on thursday: as a rule, restrictions on the use of older diesels will only be considered acceptable in cities where the limit values for harmful nitrogen dioxide (NO2) are relatively clearly exceeded. The lander are expected to approve the package of laws this friday in the bundesrat (upper house of parliament). In the future, the coalition intends to hold regular top-level talks with the auto industry in order to pave the way for the important sector.