Snowed in or slept in after all?

A long-winded review of the city's history, a city manager who claimed his right to exist and little that was new in the city's development frustrated many participants at the central castle meeting for lichtenfels on wednesday in the city castle. It was astonishing that for the first time it was not the head of the city who answered his citizens' questions, but bernhard christoph, the third member of the troika at the helm of the german basket city.

A long look back
His review of the city's affairs was not exactly stunning, focusing more on the achievements of the city council and administration than on pressing problems such as vacant buildings in the city center or population decline. Instead, the third mayor mentioned every sewer pipe laid, every event held and every number in the city's budget.
After a good two hours, it was done: the burgher had his say. And anyone who thought that the people's voice had been lulled into silence saw that they had been exchanged: the citizens gave vent to their displeasure and pressed the city's representatives with questions that also left question marks.
The former corbstadt queen christina seelmann complained that the stalls at the christmas market are not open until 13. December open. She was happy to stroll through the festively lit lichtenfels earlier. Tourism manager harald fischer informed that only a few days are lucrative for the traders. But the stands had to be set up in time. Christina seelmann replied that hobby artists or associations could be given the opportunity to present themselves there. A comment from the ranks of visitors: "in lichtenfels the market is boarded up with boards."
Werner herbst from oberwallenstadt said he was waiting for a faster internet. Gunther lorenz, head of the building administration, admitted that not all parts of the city had benefited from broadband cabling and that transmission rates of less than 1,000 kilobytes per second were possible. He also mentioned that there is no concrete solution in sight for buch am forst at the moment. He was sure that in the future all parts of the city would have a fast data network.