Children’s theater in lichtenfels: the sperlichs involve the little audience members

Children's theater in lichtenfels: the sperlichs involve the little audience members

The best seats were right at the front of the lichtenfels city palace. In front of the stage there were colorful, child-friendly chairs for the little spectators. In addition, the little spectators also felt very comfortable on the push of their parents and grandparents. Together they experienced an exciting story with the bilderbuchtheater from burgpreppach. Christian sperlich and his wife georgina presented the play "mascha and the bar, based on an old russian tale. The sperlichs tour franconia and thuringia with their picture book theater. They are also welcome guests in lichtenfels. For about 15 years they have been delighting their large and small audiences.

From a family of artists

Georgina comes from a family of artists, she was a tightrope walker and acrobat. Her husband christian sperlich comes from a puppeteer dynasty, the also famous karfunkel theater. The fifth generation is already ready with their children. The special thing about her performance is that the little spectators are involved in the action. Correspondingly rough was the enthusiasm and thus also the background noise.

The plot

Little mascha lives in an old barrier house in the middle of the forest. Wherever it appears, there is always something going on. Masha is quite lovable, but also very chaotic, so that wherever she appears, the animals in the forest take fright. The pig runs away grunting and the hedgehog curls up in a ball. Masha’s neighbor and friend is a good-natured old barman who would also prefer to have his peace and quiet. But when mascha shows up at his house, the peace and quiet is over there, too. The bar is very proud of his coarse bed of carrots, which he lovingly tends to. There is not the rabbit, which takes one carrot after the other and eats it. So what to do? Finally, the idea comes to the rescue: little masha appears out of nowhere as a folding figure whenever the hare appears. So the carrot thief is scared away forever. No sooner said than done. The hare takes flight. At the end the bar and the hedgehog bake a cake, because it is mascha’s birthday. The cake is finally ready. A red candle is on top of her, which only needs to be blown out. "Blow, don’t fart, the bar and asks the children for help. They don’t need to be told twice and blow out the candle with great enthusiasm.

At the end the bar and the children sing a birthday song for mascha. "Has it made you spab?", mascha calls. "Yes", the children answered enthusiastically. Then they were allowed to say goodbye to the leading actress. An offer that is gladly accepted.


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