Csu sends franz uome into the race for city hall

Csu sends franz uome into the race for city hall

The 58-year-old mannsflurer is to succeed norbert volk (freie wahler). Oswald purucker, a member of the district and municipal councils and deputy chairman of the local association, said that the 58-year-old, currently third mayor of the market town is the right man for the job. "Franz uome, who has led the local association with great dedication for 26 years, will finally take the reins again as mayor, take care of the community full-time and make our community shine again", purucker emphasized.

Leadership qualities proven
It is also important that the candidate is actively involved and at the forefront of the associations. As chairman of the SV mannsflur, uome has been able to show that he has leadership qualities. "Franz uome introduces his own ideas and pursues them consistently. He is exactly the man from the middle of the CSU, which brings all characteristics for the highest office in the market municipality market leugast with itself ?, purucker said. As a young man, uome took over as chairman of the mannsflur sports club and built a magnificent sports facility. But he also put his emphasis on the fact that the project was paid quickly.

For him, oswald purucker, it is clear that franz uome, with all the experience he has gained over the last quarter of a century as "deputy mayor for many years, tireless member of the association's board of directors, and advocate and supporter of social issues", is the right man for the job, the right man for the mayoralty in marktleugast is.

With credibility and reliability
"I want to regain the trust of our people with credibility and reliability in order to achieve citizen-oriented implement policy. In the future, we need to talk to each other again and not about each other", uome emphasized. In financially and economically difficult times, he wanted to find solutions with all factions and, of course, also with the citizens, in order to implement creative things for the market community. This also includes further intensive cooperation in the "quality of life through proximity" initiative for the uplands.

"The strengths of our home region must be positively highlighted and we must try to stop the negative population development", said uome. Burger and local language should be available in all parts of the community in the future. As mayor, he also liked to invite businesses, associations and organizations as well as committed citizens to the start of the year.

Priority list and cash fall
In the future, a list of priorities jointly adopted by the council will show which tasks need to be completed and when. A cash crash was not to be missed.

Together, the CSU marktleugast will draw up an election program and a list of candidates in the coming months. "Together I go to work with you all in good spirits. We need a good team, must radiate the will to win, in order to grab the trend turnaround in our municipality market municipality for the christian social union."


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