Cultural mark: the discovery of the kitzingen region

cultural mark: the discovery of the kitzingen region

Everything has an end – even cultural symbols. Organizer simone gobel looks back before the fifth and final edition – and draws a positive balance.

Question: the culture signs are turning onto the home straight: what can we expect in the
fifth and final year?

Simone gobel: with our final year we will close the bracket. That is to say: in the first year of the event series we dealt with the history of the origin of the kitzinger land, then in the three theme years wine, water and garden the special features of the kitzinger land were put into focus. Now we return to the initial question "what is your place in kitzinger land??" Back.

Which partners did you bring on board??

Gobel: we have written to all the municipalities and to the cultural operators who have participated in the past years. A colorful program has been put together through the summer: from exhibitions to a guided bike tour to the church castles to installations in mainstockheim.

What is planned for the kick-off in iphofen?

Gobel: a sculpture trail will be opened on saturday, 1. June, opened at 4 p.M. Following the official opening from 16.30 o’clock the herrengraben becomes a strolling mile.

How many dates are there this time?

Gobel: there are a total of twelve exhibitions, the so-called perennial favorites. In addition, there are 43 individual events, including the cultural events on the opening weekend.

What are you particularly looking forward to?

Gobel: here’s to finally getting started!

Did the series of events deliver what they promised?? How does the balance sheet turn out?

Gobelthe cultural signs wanted to set the scene for the special features of the kitzingen region with special formats. This is absolutely successful. Each theme year had its own special charm and we experienced many exciting events. I’m thinking of the "long night in paradise" on the garden show grounds, the poetry slam weekend in iphofen wineries, the atmospheric concerts on the main, the dance performance by the tanzspeicher in rodelsee or the noise installation on kitzinger land – to name just a few. The connection between the outside and the inside view was exciting. We have always had both external and many local artists on board, who have contributed a great deal. The events were very well attended, which is why the balance sheet is also consistently positive.

Are there already considerations whether there will be follow-up events?

Gobel: the cycle was planned for five years; there are no plans for a follow-up event.


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