East representative promotes: “you can live well in the east”

east representative promotes: 'you can live well in the east'

In contrast to many west german centers, there is "affordable housing, a wide range of culture, and fantastic landscapes. The town is renovated, the child care is excellent. "You can live well in the east. The migration has stopped," said the parliamentary secretary of state in the federal ministry of economics.

With regard to the settlement of the american e-car company tesla in brandenburg, hirte said: "i assume that the settlement of large industrial companies will take place primarily in the east in the coming years and decades." There are not only. The thuringian-born lawyer also said that the population’s readiness for industrial production and infrastructure construction is more pronounced than in the west.

In addition, more federal authorities have been relocated to the east, he said. "The federal office for foreign affairs will move to brandenburg an der havel with 1000 employees. This is a huge signal not only for the city with its 72,000.000 residents, this is a huge signal."


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