Fare evasion driver must go behind bars

Fare evasion driver must go behind bars

No begging or pleading helped. Although a 30-year-old man from the habberge district begged judge wolfgang titze to give him one last chance, he sentenced the notorious fare dodger to three months in prison. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

In the spring, the man from eastern europe was checked four times on the train within one month. He never had a ticket with him. That’s why he had to stand trial for "fraudulent use" to stand trial before the district court in habfurt. The damage caused is small, 33 euros.

The man for whom an interpreter was translating said he was very distressed at the time. He was separated from his wife, unemployed and had no place to live. He had made the train journeys in order to find a new place to stay, he said. "It is difficult to find a landlord who will open the door after 9 pm", judge wolfgang titze commented on the fact that the defendant was traveling late at night between bamberg and habfurt.

Moreover, the worker seems to learn nothing from mistakes. In 2010, he was tried three times in a row for theft. In 2011, while he was still a preservationist, he was sentenced to a fine for notification.

Years later he drove illegally several times in a row. "Didn’t you know you would be punished for this??", judge wolfgang titze asked the defendant. "I did not expect that I would have to go to court", the defendant returned.

The trained mechanic, who recently got a job again and has also reconciled with his wife, now has to go to jail. "There is no last chance?", he loves to ask his interpreter again and again.
Judge wolfgang titze remained firm. "You were already under guard at your last fine. In their case, there is no favorable social prognosis", concluded the judge.


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