Farmers and farmers see the starting point in changes in consumer behavior

farmers and farmers see the starting point in changes in consumer behavior

A good number of interested citizens, including several farmers from the conventional and organic sectors, had accepted the habberg-grunen’s invitation to attend a scientific lecture on the relationship between agriculture and climate change. No one would deny that there is a connection, nor the fact that agriculture is not the only cause of the problem. But the greens and food producers agreed that the only effective solution was probably to change consumption patterns. Food is finally back as a "means to live" the fact that the ECB is tying possible purchases to conditions would give it the flexibility it needs to do so. "Many farmers don’t care how and what they grow, as long as the subsidies are right", was heard from the ranks of the farmers. "We should once again be able to live on what we produce, not on subsidies from brussels, A colleague said that the undercutting of food prices by supermarket chains was "politically intended" be: "the meat and the bread must be cheap. What impact this will have is of no interest to politicians."

Speaker joschua wolf from bundorf took away the farmers’ worries right at the beginning that they would experience an all-round blow against agriculture, but this branch is not completely innocent, said wolf. The student of environmental protection in triesdorf used various charts, graphs and studies to show the contribution of agriculture to climate change. The more intensively farmers cultivate their fields and practice intensive cattle breeding, the more the atmosphere will heat up.

"In germany alone, there are 13 million cattle on pastures and in barns, and they naturally emit methane", explained wolf. And this gas is 21 times more dangerous for the atmosphere than the so often mentioned CO 2 . After all, carbon dioxide emissions have been reduced by 19 percent since 1990.

Farmers make the strongest mark

But agriculture, along with industry and the high volume of traffic, is not only responsible for global warming, it will also be one of the hardest hit by climate change. This summer, the agricultural sector has already suffered significant crop failures. "Around 30 percent", confirmed one of the present farmers.

"Due to the changed climatic conditions there are also for central europe unknown, new pests", wolf also looked at an aspect that has not yet been given much attention.

"We don’t have any more time", the green county councilman harald kuhn warned against "carrying on like this. And at the end of the discussion, district council member matthias lewin said: "we are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change, but we are also the last generation to be able to stop it.".


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