Farsightedness with a mouth guard at coburg utilities

Farsightedness with a mouth guard at coburg utilities

The suc coburg has been awarded for its conduct and for its mabnahmen in the corona pandemic. On wednesday, the secretary of state from the bavarian ministry of economics, roland weigert, presented a certificate to suc managing director wilhelm austen. "As an operator of critical infrastructures, the bavarian energy and water industry is particularly challenged during the corona pandemic", so refuses. The companies had worked out detailed crisis and emergency processes without delay and on their own responsibility, thus ensuring a consistently secure supply of electricity, water, gas and heat.

The "anti-corona-quick-check" passed the VBEW (association of the bavarian energy and water industry) certifies that the coburg municipal utilities have an excellent pandemic management system. "The municipal utilities have adapted the technical and organizational measures to the requirements of the pandemic, so that customers and employees are optimally protected and the security of supply is maintained", declared the secretary of state.

There was also praise from the industry association. "Suc coburg is doing an excellent job of this, said detlef fischer, VBEW managing director.

As early as the end of february, "when no one was thinking about a lockdown or restrictions, suc was already thinking about what the corona virus would mean for the operation of city buses, for example", wilhelm austen recalled.

The suc managing director said he was pleased that the risk of infection had been addressed at an early stage.

In the technical area of the coburg utility company, teams of employees were separated so that the water, electricity and gas supply employees did not infect each other as far as possible. "So far, two employees have contracted the corona virus", both infections occurred outside the suc and fortunately had a moderate course," austen said."

As in other companies, the administrative staff moved to the home office. Further measures were the entry and exit of the city buses only through the rear door, protective screens were installed in the sucenter, customer contacts were reduced and distance regulations were introduced in the canteen.

According to mayor dominik sauerteig, who is also chairman of the supervisory board of suc gmbh, the people in and around coburg have a secure partner in the municipal utility company. "The suc passed the pandemic check." Customers and employees were protected as best as possible.

State secretary for economic affairs roland weigert also addressed the difficult situation of the economy as a whole. In his view, the decentralized structures in the country guaranteed that the crisis could be responded to quickly and effectively. "Security of supply – gas, water, electricity, heat and telecommunications – keeps civilian life going", he said with conviction.

With the "anti-corona-quick-check" the technical and organizational measures for pandemic management were reviewed via a detailed interview and an extensive on-site visit. Detlef fischer, managing director of the bavarian energy and water industry association, explained that the checklist covered a total of 151 points.

Second lockdown could not be tolerated

As in daily life, it is important to maintain a minimum standard of 1.5 meters to other people, to observe hand hygiene and sneezing etiquette, and to wear an oral-nasal mask where necessary. The risk of infection with the corona virus is still present "and we must not build two coexisting worlds". Firstly, at work, where protective measures were observed, and secondly, during leisure time, where employees sometimes behaved in a completely unconcerned manner. Economy and state could not cope with a second lockdown, the secretary of state and the VBEW managing director agreed. Roland weigert announced that the bavarian ministry of economics is considering a pandemic fund. "This is expected to be in the three-digit million range."


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