Fever measurement and corona tests for “tatort” actors

fever measurement and corona tests for 'tatort' actors

For the coln "tatort" actors klaus J. For behrendt (60) and dietmar bar (59), filming under corona conditions was quite an adjustment.

"It already starts with the morning pick up. We don’t have a limousine anymore, but a VW bus, which is suspended with a plexiglass film," behrendt described. "Our driver sits in it with a mouth guard, and we both sit in the back with mouth guards. And when you arrive on the set, it starts with taking your temperature every morning."

The actors were regularly tested for the corona virus, and strict protective measures were in place on the set, which everyone had to follow. "I think that this is also a good exercise to show solidarity – that you also do this in everyday life when you are outside your work," said bar, actor of commissioner freddy schenk. Behrendt plays his colleague max ballauf.

The filming of the 81. Kolner "tatort" episode "brennen sollst du" had started later than planned because of the corona pandemic and ended only a few days ago.

But the corona crisis will not be the theme of "tatort," said producer jan kruse. "From the beginning of the development of the material to the broadcast can take 18 months. The facts change so quickly."That’s why the "tatort" is not the right format for dealing with such topical issues. According to WDR, the episode "brennen sollst du" will probably be shown on ARD in spring 2021.


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