Fewer postcards on the way – but a “loyal fan community

Fewer postcards on the way - but a

The number of postcards sent in germany fell again last year. According to the german postal service, a total of 155 million postcards were sent to, from and within germany in 2018 – that's around five percent fewer than in the previous year.

"In times of online messenger services, where people can send good quality pictures quickly, the number of postcards is declining from year to year," post spokesman dirk klasen told dpa.

A vacation photo of the cologne cathedral or the brandenburg gate can be sent via whatsapp or shared on instagram faster than an analog postcard can arrive. But the decline has been evident since the late 1990s.

It's not just the postcard that is increasingly being replaced digitally. Letter mail has also been declining for years, as more and more communication takes place digitally – by around two to three percent a year, according to figures from deutsche post, headquartered in bonn, germany.

If you put the number of postcards sent in relation to the number of people living in germany, in 2018 every person in germany sent out just under two postcards on average. Of course, a part of the cards falls on holidaymakers from abroad, who send from germany pit back home. "But we are still a long way from extinction," says klasen. "There is a loyal fan community."


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