Foolish side blows to the neighbor

Foolish side blows to the neighbor

Once again, the historical fraternity of markt einersheim organized an appealing carnival evening in the multi-purpose hall, the program part of which did not end until midnight. The fraternity as organizer must have acted as a visitor magnet, because the hall was full at 19.11 o’clock with costumierten carnival friends fully occupies. Between the performances of the many actors, dance-loving visitors were given ample opportunity to swing their dancing legs to the sounds of the trio jetset.

The round of performances was opened by a school group trained by heike schlee. Graceful beings, dressed in turquoise, flitted across the stage like dancers and fairies, accompanied by divers in heavy neoprene suits and flippers.

The kindergarten demand association dealt with the local event with alternating gstanzlsangers. Several side blows to the dear neighboring community of iphofen were also not to be ignored. The actors stated in front of the picturesque backdrop of the market einersheim castle, among other things also loudly, that the local clear plant has locher.

Ten unhappy chickens were fed up with the cramped floor conditions in markt einersheim and wanted to find good and strong roosters as free-range creatures. After they did not find these also in iphofen, only beate uhse could help out with appropriate specimens. This part of the program was taken over by the group "faschingsdamen".

An elderly man with a hat and cane (herbert volkamer) lamented the disappearance of his babett on a park bench. But soon came a replacement in the form of a young blonde (maximilian offner). When the saucy blonde asked for a visit to the doctor, the pensioner, who looked well off, replied that this was no longer possible because the doctor had "run away" to iphofen. Then everything revolved around the local event. There were more tickets for the performance of michl muller in the village than the hall could hold. They also denounced lazy excuses for not having to help the sports club with work duties. Someone had stayed away from the work duty with the reason: the cat had got kittens.

The aerobic girls played indoor soccer. Unfortunately, one of the players had the misfortune of injury. But two young ladies of the red cross, dressed in short but attractive nurses’ uniforms, quickly cured the little ache in the leg.

High point guggenmusik

Now the high point of the evening was announced: the performance of the guggenmusik. The guggenmusik, mainly produced with brass instruments, drums and rattles, is an old specialty of the swabian-alemannian carnival, but has also had its fans in markt einersheim for about ten years, as the loud performance of a 31-headed formation of all ages on saturday evening proved. Christine wich and georg deininger with his trumpet had the schragen musicians fully under control.

After the hollenlarm of the guggenmusik was announced to the end rest, contemplation and contemplativeness. The performance of the men’s ballet, rehearsed by martina bernhard, spread sudsee romance outside the walls of markt einersheim.


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