Forest causes concern

What is the situation with the schonbrunner walder? Forest district manager thomas lohr presented the forestry report to the municipal councils. In 2018, with above-average temperatures, there was only 50 percent of the usual precipitation; from the middle of the year, there was hardly any rain at all. Heat and drought led to bark beetle infestation in spruce and multiple damage in pine. In total, around 130 solid meters of the schonbrunn municipal forest are affected by kafer infestation. And another negative report: the drought caused a sharp drop in the price of wood.

As lohr emphasized, public and legal district forests are obligated to exemplary forest management (private forests only "sachgemab"). A forestry expert is required for forest maintenance. Based on a forest management report, a management of up to 100 hectares is prescribed, for larger forest areas more elaborate forest management plans are prepared.

Development with deficiencies

The last forestry report was drawn up in 2014. The boundaries in the forest are sometimes difficult to recognize. Therefore, according to lohr, a permanent marking should be sought. The development is partly in need of improvement. As an example, the speaker mentioned the steep path in leiberstatt. No earth roads or storage facilities are available in abt, for example. Childach available. There is no possibility of departure for abt. Grundle. The new forestry report by the forestry expert is supported by analytical soil samples in the individual locations of the community forests. Site data from sandstone weathering with clayey layers showed significantly medium nutrient supply with only medium water storage capacity in combination with low annual precipitation. A gradual rejuvenation by oak and beech forests as natural forest cover, additional warm-loving and additional drought-resistant mixed tree species (douglas fir, norway maple, cherry, iceberry and wild fruit) are to be aimed at. At the moment, the tree species are made up of about 60 percent pine and eleven percent spruce.

The new forestry report assumes a total area of 80.3 hectares. "In ten years, a planned final use of 2200 fixed meters, a planned pre-use of 2700 fixed meters and a total use of around 500 fixed meters per year is planned. In ten years, around four hectares of mixed tree species are to be planted.

Conclusion by thomas lohr: "there is an overhang of old stock. They take up 70 percent or 54 hectares. Significantly, there is too much stock overhang and there is a need to reduce it. The insufficient logging activity in the community forest of schonbrunn during the last planning period can be seen on site in the condition of the forest".

More hardwood demanded

In the interest of future-oriented, sustainable forestry, the following general principles should be observed: "conservation and creation of site-appropriate, stable and healthy forests, taking into account economic performance. Consistent deer hunting to reduce the risk of browsing". The long-term reduction in the proportion of pine and spruce should gradually lead to a rejuvenation in favor of hardwoods – especially beech, oak, and deciduous hardwoods.

The estimated felling rate in the local forests of halbersdorf/zettmannsdorf represents an increase of almost 60 percent compared to the previous planning period. Due to the current old-growth forest slope and the maintenance status, this is justifiable from a silvicultural point of view, according to lohr.

The head of the forestry district attests that the rechtler forest in niederndorf is currently in a poor state of maintenance. Although a thinning had already been awarded a long time ago, this had not been realized on the part of the lawyers. The consequence of this development: the stock has too high a number of stems with relatively low diameter development.

The calculation goes in firnbach (ca. 0.5 hectares ) of around 1500 plants from. The fence construction is only difficult to realize (running kaferholzanteil, unequal mabige flats). In the next few years, new planting measures are planned on an ongoing basis.


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