French switzerland: fire departments are not “alarm-proof” during the day

FRENCH SWITZERLAND: fire departments are not 'alarm-proof' during the day

The nine commanders of the nine gobweinstein fire departments worked together with mayor hanngorg zimmermann (BMG) for nine months on the first fire department requirements plan in the history of the market town of gobweinstein. The result is a 117-page work of art.

Zimmermann himself presented the plan during the market town council meeting due to the prevention of the leading commander marco brendel. The mayor also sounded the alarm because none of the nine local fire brigades in gobweinstein was "alarm-proof" during the day be.

At night, all fire departments with a total of 303 active firefighters are "alarm-proof", that heibt in the employment strength demanded after the fire-brigade law with alarm also expressible, however during the day due to the occupation activity not.

Only the gobweinstein base fire department, which handles 58 percent of all calls in the entire market area, is "alarm-proof" to a limited extent during the day. "We need therefore completely many new kameraden", concluded zimmermann. In the next five years – the period covered by the fire department requirements plan that has now been drawn up – it is therefore very important to increase the actual strength of the fire departments.

Advertising as early as kindergarten

The presented mabnahmenkatalog plans therefore that one wants to force the member production by prasenz in the localities and personal speech. Already in the kindergarten and in the school the new generation recruitment is to take place by info. Meetings. In order to increase the operational readiness of the fire brigades, they should work more closely together in the future and practice together, especially the respiratory protection brigades of gobweinstein, kleingesee and morschreuth.

The procurement concept for the next five years envisages total investments in equipment, apparatus and fire stations of around 1.1 million euros, not including the planned state subsidies totaling around 290,000 euros.000 euro.

The fire department behringersmuhle, whose new fire station for about 340.000 euro, is to take over the ten-year-old water truck from the kleingesee fire department, which is paying around 170 euros for it.290,000, the company will receive a new portable fire engine with water (TSF-W).

Georg lang (CSU) was more in favor of purchasing a new vehicle for both fire departments and selling the used kleingesee car. This was rejected by zimmermann. "Behringersmuhl firefighters are excited about the vehicle from kleingesee", said zimmermann. Because with it, trench cleaning work can be carried out and small flat fires can be extinguished without the help of other firefighters.

The gobweinstein base fire department is getting a new and coarser LF 20 for the old fire engine (LF) 8, built in 1997, which has equipment for disaster control. 350.000 euros have been earmarked for this. The current LF 20 of the gobweinsteiner fire department is being converted for technical assistance with interchangeable loader boxes and additional battery-powered equipment: the cost is around 90 euros.000 euro.

Around 28,000 euros will be invested in the personal protective equipment of the firefighters. A hose maintenance concept, possibly with the purchase of a "hose washing machine, costs another 50.000 euro. There is a need for action here because the hose drying tower in gobweinstein had to be renovated.

The fire department etzdorf-turkelstein gets new windows and doors for 3000 euro. The leutzdorf fire department receives a new fire station for 200.000 euro. The replacement of the windows with a door for the fire station in wichsenstein is planned with 3000 euro. No major investments are planned for the unterailsfeld fire department, although georg rodler (CSU) considered the finished garage for the unterailsfeld fire department to be "no longer up to date" stop. This would demotivate the volunteers from unterailsfeld, kohlstein and hungenberg.

Problem in unterailsfeld

Rodler also sees the alarm system in these villages as a major problem. The siren, if it works, only works in unterailsfeld. In hungenberg and kohlstein, they do not hoard them. Once there was even a fire next to the geratehaus in unterailsfeld and the unterailsfeld fire department was not even alerted to it. "Why not?", rodler wanted to know. Even district fire chief oliver flake did not know this.

As flake pointed out, the local fire department must always be alerted because the local commander is always the on-site incident commander. Mayor zimmermann, however, knew the answer: the siren was defective. In addition, according to zimmermann, it has been agreed with the commanders that in future the firefighters will also be alerted via whatsapp on their cell phones.

Flake described the accommodation of the device in unterailsfeld in a prefabricated garage as "not exactly adequate". The question, according to flake, is to what extent this is acceptable in order to ensure that it does not become a hazardous situation for the firefighters. According to rodler, this issue has been "on the table" for 30 years.

Lang emphasized that of the expected 1.3 million euros in stabilization aid, with 1.1 million euros in investments for the fire departments, there was even some left over. In view of the 2.5 million euros in costs, it was even possible to pay for it out of petty cash. That’s why you don’t have to worry about half a million euros or not. -speaker rainer polster emphasized that the demand plan was well done. The fire department requirements plan was unanimously approved.


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