From brose to dwarf heath

Mayor andreas starke (SPD) and head of the municipal utility michael fiedeldey pulled this burger info on the special landing site at breitenau through in a tensile manner. On the one hand, it was not the first time that such an event on the topic ran over the stage. On the other hand the gentlemen could wave versatile certificates in their hands and point out that everybody who is interested can read these papers in person in the town hall. This is how the questioners in the parish hall st. Kunigund also fobbed off with rather terse answers.

A look back: as early as winter 2015/2016, the bamberg municipal utility company, as the operator of the special landing field, applied to the northern bavarian aviation authority for approval of instrument flights for helicopters. In september 2017, the bavarian state government had campaigned for a so-called kombilosung between the bamberger special landing field and the coburg-brandensteinsebene airfield in order to safely handle commercial air traffic with business jets in the region also in the future.

In this context, instrument flight rules (IFR) are to be made possible in bamberg for flat-bed aircraft as well. This means that the pilot flies his aircraft with the help of instruments in the correct position and on course, not according to the view of the natural horizon and conspicuous landscape features such as rivers, highways, church towers, but independently of clouds or fog and navigates autonomously on board according to the route instructions of the responsible air traffic controller of the control center. The bamberg aero club had also sent a letter dated 15 january. On february 1, 2019, the northern bavarian aviation authority will request a change in the airfield permit for the establishment of instrument flight operations for flat planes and helicopters at the special landing site.

Answers are on display

The answer of the government of central franconia (air office of northern bavaria) of 11. March 2019 with the application documents is now available until 6. May open to the public in the mayor’s office (room 101a) in the town hall on maxplatz. OB stark: "objections can be raised until 20. May be brought forward in writing."

What impact does IFR have on air traffic and lar development? What does IFR mean for nature?? What is the course of the flight development of the federal police?? How will air traffic develop up to 2030 without and with IFR?? The mayor of oberburg and fiedeldey, the man from the city’s public works department, raised these questions themselves.

There was support for the response, for example from biologist beate bugla, who drew up the environmental report on the special landing site. She attested to a successful conversion at breitenau with a gain for flora and fauna. The species that could occur on the airfield – whether hazel vole, lizard or dwarf shrub heath – have been preserved in their habitat thanks to compensatory measures taken.

With regard to the species, there are, for example, boxes for bats or ground nesting sites for lapwings, according to bugla. And: if wild woods had to be shortened for flight operations, this was done to meet the necessary requirements of the predominant sandy grassland.

Hanno stock, chairman of the aero club, made it clear that there would be no more commercial helicopter flights at breitenau as of january 2019, in view of the larm pollution caused by air traffic. He said that the relocation of the winch tow path almost parallel to the runway, which is almost completed, should also contribute to the reduction of the number of arms.

From three to 35

While there were only three flights from breitenau by the federal police in 2016, there were already 13 in 2017, and a good 35 in 2018. Michael fiedeldey pointed out, however, that the police air traffic will "decarbonize" again after the training is reduced. He also offered forecasts for the year 2030: if IFR is approved, there will be 20 additional takeoffs per year of both jets and helicopters, which means just one percent increase in all aircraft movements. In 2019, jets were flown 159 times a year, in 2030 it was 200 times without IFR "with IFR 20 times more".

Heckling from the floor brought the brose company into play, whose jets are the main focus of attention. "One percent more is a milchmadchenrechnung, because it will be only brose jets with IFR!", said a visitor. "What if other companies want the same thing as brose??", asked another. He received the answer from michael fiedeldey that a survey of companies in upper and lower franconia had shown that "no one wants it". Jets stationed exclusively at the special landing site at breitenau were allowed to take off and land under IFR.

Lyrebird protection wall

Eckart staritz, legal counsel for the brose company, said clearly. "We need IFR." Up to now, brose has financed measures such as the extension of the armoring wall to kemmerstrabe. The helicopters would only take off from the more distant refueling station, and the pilots of the jets would also contribute to optimization. So there would be no more tests at the hangar, but only on the runway or in taxiing. And after landing, the jet would no longer be turned around on the apron by engine power, but by electric trolley and then pushed into the hangar. At least the sound report presented in the parish hall comes to the conclusion that the continuous sound level of aircraft and ground noise is below the acceptable threshold. According to this expert opinion, the rejection threshold is only slightly reached by ground alarms near the hangar.


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