Gauck calls for participation in the federal election

Gauck calls for participation in the federal election

"If you don’t know who’s the best, you simply choose the less bad"."By early evening – the festival was to go on for several more hours – about 11,000 interested people came to bellevue palace, according to the federal prasidial office. In 2012, the burger festival attracted around 15,000 guests.

Gauck and his lifeline daniela schadt had ordered 12,000 sausages and 20,000 mini windbags for the festival. The visitors – among them schoolchildren and many families with children – strolled through the park and castle in what was initially the best summer weather or followed the cultural program on two stages.

Gauck spoke with former president of the federal constitutional court, jutta limbach, film director andreas dresen ("halt auf freier strecke") and "jugend debattiert" prize winner eray demirtop about the importance of democracy. Daniela schadt wanted to discuss inclusion in sports with, among others, the silver medalist at the 2012 paralympics, denise schindler.

Already on friday, the federal president had buried almost 4000 invited guests from all over germany in the park of bellevue castle and thanked them for their social and honorary commitment. With the burgerfest, gauck is breaking with the tradition of his predecessors: in the past, it was mainly celebrities from politics, business, sports and culture who were invited as guests. The burgerfest is financed largely from the federal president’s budget.


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