Generation change in the fire department leadership

Extensive new elections were held at the annual general meeting of the oberhaid fire department. Both the positions of the two chairmen and the entire executive board had to be re-elected by rotation. Special attention was clearly paid to the election of the two commanders, as mayor carsten joneitis also emphasized.

A "generation change had already been announced beforehand, as the two long-serving commanders had announced that they wanted to transfer their leadership positions to new hands. Commander matthias gortler stressed that the way had long been paved for a change of office. The oberhaid fire department now has a considerable number of group and platoon leaders, and thus a correspondingly well-trained and experienced leadership team.

After twelve years of service, adjutant robert bank also felt that the time had come to hand over his office to a younger generation.

The successors were quickly found: markus gunthner was proposed as commander and georg hahner as adjutant. Mayor joneitis congratulated the new incumbents and expressed his thanks to the outgoing commanders. Joneitis emphasized the excellent cooperation over the years and once again highlighted some important events.

According to joneitis, the new vehicle should be delivered to the oberhaid fire department around the middle of the year. He then presented the two previous commanders with a certificate and a gift.

In the elections to the executive board, the previous second chairman david minke was recommended for the office of chairman; his successor as second chairman was marcell ullrich. In the election of the treasurer, the assembly decided almost unanimously in favor of bernd schmitt; furthermore, secretary markus moslein was clearly confirmed in his position.

Outgoing commander gortler reported on 81 operations in 2018, which were divided into 14 fires, 35 technical assistance operations, six traffic safety operations and one safety watch; there were also 13 false alarms. Training was also intensive, and various courses were attended at the firefighting schools.

Gortler was particularly pleased with the five new active members, and with the newly trained respiratory protection unit members, the company is once again in an excellent position in this area. KBR bernhard ziegmann and KBM florian kugler thanked the previous commanders.

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