Google accuses nokia and Microsoft of patent collusion

Google accuses nokia and microsoft of patent collusion

The internet company google has filed a complaint against nokia and microsoft in brussel in connection with the sale of 2000 nokia patents to the exploiting company MOSAID. These include patents that are part of the foundation of technical standards and must therefore be licensed at special conditions. Google accuses nokia and microsoft of collusion that made mobile devices more expensive for users.

"They should be held accountable, and we hope our complaint will encourage others to investigate this practice," a google statement said on friday. Nokia rejects accusation of collusion. Microsoft spoke of a "desperate tactic" by the internet company.

The google operating system android is often at the center of patent lawsuits. The group has repeatedly accused its competitors of unfair patent attacks on what is by far the most widely used mobile operating system. Nokia and microsoft cooperate on the android competitor platform windows phone, which still has a very small share of the smartphone market, however.

With the complaint, google counters investigations by the eu commission against its new subsidiary motorola. Brussels authority investigates whether cell phone manufacturer is abusing its standard patents after accusations from microsoft and apple. Motorola had challenged such patents in several lawsuits, including in germany.


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