Gunda low celebrates 95.

Gunda low celebrates 95.

"She is still in charge, revealed son bernhard low laughing. He was referring to his mother gunda, who celebrated her 95th birthday on thursday. Birthday celebrated.

"And she is still fit", daughter hildegard and entertained the many guests. In addition to friends, family and neighbors, congratulations were also extended by deputy district administrator rosi kraus (CSU), burgermeister rose stark (SPD/okol.) and market councilor georg nutzel (WTH).

The jubilarian saw the light of day 95 years ago in oberzaunsbach, germany. She comes from the inn alt and had two younger sisters, hilde and luise. Gunda low went to school in wannbach and was confirmed in hetzelsdorf. She had to work hard in her parents’ farm and in the farm that belonged to them. "I married my childhood friend hans at easter 1950", he told gunda low. They got bernhard and hildegard. She now has six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Since the husband was on the road a lot as a burgermeister, the jubilarian had to do the baking almost alone. In 1956, she was one of the first women in the area to get a driver’s license and deliver bread and rolls twice a week. "And she did the planning for the new bakery", interjected son bernhard low. She loves nature and reads five newspapers every day. Gunda low is a little sad that she can no longer go to church, because she is no longer good to fub. "She taught us style and manners and drove us to cultural events and picked us up again. Even if it was 12 o’clock at night and she had to go out again at 3 o’clock", swarmed bernhard low.


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