Investment backlog of 100 million euros

The county has an investment backlog of 100 million euros. This was explained by district administrator klaus loffler on monday in the district council when he presented the key data of the budget. "We have to be careful and separate what is desirable from what is necessary."

15.7 million euros the county wants to invest this year. 11.2 million euros are expected in subsidies. The planned borrowing is 1.18 million euros. The debt level amounts to nine million euros.

Investment priorities are the renovation of the landratsamt building (2.15 million euros), the VHS building (3.37), the digitalization of the schools (940000), the concept for the renovation of the vocational school (150 000). 3.6 million euros are earmarked for the renovation of county roads (the FT reported) in the rodach valley. According to klaus loffler, it is urgently necessary for the district to shift the focus of investment in trench construction to the rodach valley this year.

The olschnitzsee lake in windheim is also a focus of investment. Construction work is scheduled to begin here after the end of the swimming season. Loffler spoke of two further challenges for which a basic resolution is to be passed at the march meeting. On the one hand, this concerns the KC 5 in hummendorf and the road from pressig to eila. There are a lot of children on the road: "it's about the road safety of the smallest ones", according to the district administrator.

Voting discussion

In addition, klaus loffler announced that the KC 1 from ebersdorf to rennsteig will be tackled after the road tree removals in the rodach valley. He assumes costs of 4.2 million euros. With regard to the extension of the cycle path from KC 3 to gifting, the district administrator announced a coordination meeting with all authorities. District chamber gunther daum pointed out that the district levy would remain unchanged from the previous year at 41 points.

Key allocations increase from 11.45 to 13.15 million euros. The district administrator spoke of the fact that the free state had readjusted the key allocations and that the district had now received an additional 850,000 euros (already included above). The district intends to invest the additional funds in road maintenance, in the telephone system of the district administration office and in procurements for the building yard, among other things. Loffler described the key allocations as a fixed revenue pillar for the cities and municipalities.

Kronach is a small county with a small budet. If the county wanted to afford everything that was not available in neighboring counties, then more money would have to come from the state and more would have to be done, he said. The 2019 budget is to be passed in april. 

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