Konstantin Wedel gives up

Konstantin wedel gives up

Konstantin wedel did not have a good start to the cross-country season in his first two appearances in pforzheim and darmstadt. With the clear goal of qualifying for the european cross-country championships, the TSV hochstadt runner got out of the race in darmstadt during the competition after the energy-sapping race in pforzheim, which he finished in ninth place.
After a brisk start by the under-20 cross-country runners johannes motschmann (magdeburg) and moritz steininger (passau), who are currently dominating in germany, wedel was still in a promising seventh place after the halay point of the 6,700-meter course, but made a very strained impression. In round 3, his trainer markus monius didn’t spot him in the chasing pack after a challenging uphill passage. Due to chest pains, which were probably caused by a pinched nerve in his back, wedel had to bury his hopes for another start in the national jersey in 2012.
The course of the race showed that more would have been possible: while motschmann and steininger were victorious, many of the chasers had to pay tribute to the high initial speed and fell far behind. Even though the boxdorfer’s disappointment was evident after the race, his trainer is already looking ahead again. "The change to the high training volumes are not so easy to put away. In addition, our focus is clearly on the summer, and that also worked last season. Constantine wasn’t good in darmstadt either, then he won two bavarian championship titles in the hall and in the summer he competed at the world championships", the head coach of the hochstadt track and field athletes declared confidently.


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