Local women in the spotlight

Local women in the spotlight

Small red balloons in the shape of hearts pointed the way to the kleinkunstbrettla in untersteinach. There, michael krug from ludwigschorgast and diana miskolci from himmelkron organized a benefit event for the "heart pillow campaign" in favor of cancer patients at the kulmbach clinical center from. The evening was intended on the one hand as a thank-you for the now 15 local women who make heart-shaped cushions for cancer patients as a comfort and to hold on to during a difficult phase of their lives, and on the other hand to collect donations for the material. The hall, which KKB had made available free of charge, was full.

Psychological support

Diana miskolci and sandra krug explained why heart pillows and what they mean to patients in a casual conversation with host joffrey streit. Each of the two women had received such a heart-shaped cushion after the cancer diagnosis or after the operation, which served them as psychological support and is still used today "in weak days" helps.

Cancer is not a taboo subject, it should be brought out into the open. And you can celebrate when the worst is over. Michael krug had initiated the evening – out of conviction that the heart pillow campaign was a good thing, and out of gratitude that his wife has now survived the illness to some extent, as he said.

Danish nurse nancy friis-jensen brought the idea of pillows from the u.S. To europe, and it spread like wildfire to 16 countries worldwide. There are currently more than 260 groups in germany.

More than 75,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, according to the german cancer aid organization. According to diana miskolci, a total of 950 pillows have been sewn by the local group since 2014. From the collection at the benefit evening, more needles, fabrics and absorbent cotton are purchased.

Despite the difficult topic, the benefit evening turned into a relaxed event where those affected met to simply enjoy themselves. This was taken care of by stefan "das eich" afterwards eichner with a gallop through his current program and two songs by reinhard mey, and finally the group "elixier (holger hohn, frank hofmann, walter schonheiter and stefan luschner) with german-pop.


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