Managing director rainer klingert bids farewell

Managing director rainer klingert bids farewell

In a ceremony, the former head of the ebern master school, department head rainer klingert, retired or went into semi-retirement. District president erwin dotzel thanked him for having set the course in a very structured way. All could be proud that the school enjoys an excellent reputation.
Mr. Klingert had taken over the school at a difficult time, when it was not known whether the school would continue to be supported by the district or whether there would still be enough master schools in the future. 74 percent of the uncovered costs were borne by the district. Today, people are glad that the master school exists in ebern.
Rainer klingert had accompanied this path for eleven years as managing director. There were many rough tasks to be accomplished in the process. The current investment for the dormitory and the renovation of the main building with a total of 3.5 million euros are very sustainable and strengthen the school for the next 25 years.
Principal oliver dunisch described rainer klingert as an extremely good listener who did not enter the discussion with a preconceived opinion, not even as a financial backer. "He always had an open ear for the wishes of the people, and future orientation was his thing." The school has always been a major concern for him and he has made individual solutions possible.
The outgoing managing director, rainer klingert, explained that he had found a motivated team here, the likes of which are seldom found. The redevelopment was an anchor for the future that was necessary.
Andreas polst will now take over as klingert's successor. 


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