Max and alex outrun the celebrities

Bernhard panzer when the new daycare center named katharina von bora was opened at herzo base, the officials made a kind of deal. Because a special feature of the plant, a wide ramp from the second floor into the garden, was not yet finished at that time. When the time comes, it will be necessary to "inaugurate" them accordingly, was the idea. It was agreed: burgermeister german hacker should compete in a bobbycar race against pastor nina mutzlitz.

Olympic idea

Now the time had come, the aubenrampe was opened and on wednesday morning big and small were ready to witness this race of a special kind. Of course: the real stars remained the children, and they also won the competition. Two four-year-olds competed against nina mutzlitz and german hacker as well as the daycare center director doreen westphal as third adult. And the youngsters turned out to be true connoisseurs of their trade already during the trial run. No wonder that max and alex won the race clearly and unanimously. The two women finished behind, the mayor and his "racing car" were on the same level a. The children had long since passed the finish line.

Both big and small obviously enjoyed the action, which of course had to have children as winners and was simply intended to do a bit of advertising for the successful new kindergarten. And to see what can be possible through architectural design.

The head of the city certainly cultivated the olympic idea during the seconds race. With the bobby car ("what kind of load does it have anyway?")? I weigh 105 kilograms with clothes!") you can reach the finish line in the back of the field. For its next "race on sunday he calculates himself quite differently of course.

Sabine hagen, the managing director of the four evangelical daycare centers in herzogenaurach, also had reason to be pleased. It can now accommodate 50 bobbycars in katharina von bora's fleet of vehicles. Because the rides have all been donated – by the simba dickie group, to which the BIG toy factory in burghaslach belongs.

Pastor nina mutzlitz was also pleasantly surprised. "I simply wrote to them and told them about the planned race", she said. The answer came immediately, and shortly afterwards a huge package was waiting in front of the door.

Worries with the earth kingdom

The pit area is still closed off at the moment. First the ground has to be covered with bark mulch. It had turned out that the earth realm was occasionally interspersed with small glass splinters. Of course, this can not be, the company now sends employees to clean the material, said Pastor Mutzlitz.


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