Murderous finale in rome

Murderous finale in rome

Bad kissingen was finally allowed to be a small fixed point on her world map for the violinist natasha korsakova (47), who was born in moscow and performs internationally on the most important stages. For the third time, she made a guest appearance in the spa town on friday, this time not as a violinist, but as a writer, at the invitation of the bookstore "seitenweise". The bookshop" (ludwigstrabe) in the neighboring soleb’ich-cafe her second crime novel "romisches finale", which was published the year before to present.

The first time korsakova was already in december 2006 for a guest performance in the frame of the "kissinger winterzauber" she came to bad kissingen. At that time, the artist was still living in germany, but she was already giving guest performances all over the world. The award-winning musician has been living in switzerland for years, where she discovered writing a few years ago. Her novel debut "deadly sonata" she presented her work during a second visit to kissingen in november 2018.

Pianist must be killed

"As a violinist, I interpret the works of others", she revealed to this newspaper as the reason for her sideways leap into literary. "As an author, I can create something entirely my own." She writes crime novels because she likes to read them herself "and not because our industry is so murderous", the author laughingly assures.

In fact, one could almost have suspected this, as both "deadly sonata" plays, in which a music agent who is feared in the industry is murdered, as well as her current novel "romisches finale" (romance finale) in the international classical music scene. This time, the world-famous pianist emile gallois is killed after a concert in rome. Full of charm, a happy laugh and lively moderation, natasha korsakova led her 50 listeners in the sold-out cafe for two hours through the murderous plot of this second crime novel, interspersed with five intermezzi on her valuable copy of a stradivarius, built in paris in 1870 by violin maker jean baptiste vuillaume. "There are only 30 to 40 of these left in the world today."

Korsakova’s expertise and personalities, both woven into the plot and characters, make her humorous crime novels something special in this genre. The intermezzi she plays on the violin are short versions of works mentioned in the crime novel, even if she plays rachmaninov’s second piano concerto on her vuillaume violin without further ado.

The novel "novel finale set on two time levels, both in rome in 2018 and in the 1950s to 1980s in san luca, the center of the ‘ndrangheta "the most powerful mafia organization in the world", korsakova explained to her listeners. During her reading, the author naturally revealed how the two storylines come together. She only revealed one thing: "unfortunately, there will be more deaths." At the request of bookseller and host claudia bollenbacher, the violinist surprised her audience by playing the "kissinger solesprudel gavotte" as an encore of the bad kissingen composer cyrill kistler (1848-1907), which she had not known before: "so it is a premiere for me."

Third criminal case already in progress

The "romance finale" is by no means the final of their literary work. Natasha korsakova is currently writing her third crime novel, as claudia bollenbacher revealed. Spontaneously she invited the author to the next book presentation. It would be the fourth visit of natasha korsakova in bad kissingen.


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