Musikverein kasendorf invites you to the autumn concert

Musikverein kasendorf invites you to the autumn concert

As far as tradition. The evening's musical offerings are, of course, not conventional. The youth wind orchestra gives a foretaste of the style that will dominate the concert: symphonic wind music. It appeals not only to fans of traditional brass music who expect polka and marches. It opens up a whole new sound experience to a young and young-at-heart audience that would otherwise not have been able to be persuaded to attend a brass band concert.

And so the lineup of the kasendorf symphonic wind orchestra, which includes more than 60 musicians from all generations playing a wide variety of instruments, goes far beyond that of a brass band. More than 40 instruments are used in the percussion section alone: kettledrums, congas, bongos, marimbas and tubular bells underpin and carry the brass sounds. And electric guitar and bass provide the right rock sound.

Around the world in 80 days
The heart of the autumn concert will be the program music. Under the direction of conductor thomas eschenbacher, stories are told and atmospheric pictures are painted in the pieces. The program is characterized by a mixture of symphonic heavyweights and light, swinging pieces of music. Among other things, the audience is taken on a fast-paced journey around the world in 80 days.

A good tradition of the music club is free admission. Access to demanding music should not depend on money, especially for young people. The club is of course convinced that he can inspire the audience so much that they are happy to pay him a fee. This is for youth work.


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