Nativity scenes to admire

Susanne deuerling the friends of the wallenfels nativity scene can be proud this year, because for the eleventh time they are organizing a nativity scene exhibition that is known far beyond the borders of the town. Nativity scenes are an indispensable part of the christmas season. Who does not have at least a small simple christmas crib at home under the tree.

Figures faithfully reproduced

The exhibition of nativity scenes in the parish hall in wallenfels shows just how varied and different they can be. In addition to the traditional ones, there will also be somewhat different nativity scenes on display, those that score points with rough figures and those in which every detail, no matter how small, has been faithfully reproduced. Some people will discover something at the exhibition that they have never seen before, or will be fascinated by the simplicity and plainness of some of the depictions. Also in the 11. Edition of their crib exhibition are again small treasures hidden, the viewer will get to see so some quite unique. The special exhibition this year shows scenes from annual nativity scenes. It is not only at christmas that people put up nativity scenes. There are also nativity scenes for the easter season and those depicting various scenes from the life and work of jesus christ throughout the year. Well-known annual nativity scenes can be found in bamberg, but also in many private homes, bringing thoughts of god and jesus into households throughout the year.


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