No third kindergarten group in mainstockheim

Two additional groups to be added to kindergarten in mainstockheim. This is what the municipal councils decided at their meeting on thursday evening. For an additional third group, which could be connected next to the two rooms currently under construction, there is currently no need in the opinion of the municipal council and therefore no prospect of subsidies. Even though some council members had problems with the decision in view of the new building area – the decision was unambiguous with only two votes against.

To buchbrunn to evade

If nevertheless at short notice more children than estimated demand a place, can be changed to buchbrunn, so the majority. The building plots on the wunn have hardly been sold when there are already requests for exemptions from the provisions of the development plan: one applicant plans to build a garage above the storefront window and would like to have access to it via a different street. If the neighbor agrees, there was no objection from the council, with one vote against.

The development of the wunn building area is making progress: tree removal in the bergstrabe area has been completed. The embankment structure from the stormwater retention basin to the stormwater sewer has also been completed, so that the water can be drained off in the event of heavy rainfall. After the vacation, the inner development of the building area should begin.

No decision on sulfate reduction

By a vote of 6:4, the municipal council decided that a garage may be built in hackelsgasse, next to a carport. After a site meeting, the building committee had only come out against the construction because a neighbor had withdrawn his consent.

As the extensive documentation was only sent to the councils shortly before the meeting, no decision was taken on the issue of sulfate reduction. According to the latest calculations, the costs will remain at around 1.5 million euros. Until the decision on when to build the plant, the rate want to arrange comparative calculations on an allocation of costs, purely via fees, alternatively combined via contributions and fees. The building permit for the plant is already available.

At the kirchweih, the fraternity is allowed, with the approval of the city council, to extend the end of the music until two o’clock and the end of the bar until three o’clock, as in previous years.


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