Nrw finance minister opposes civil service pension at 63

nrw finance minister opposes civil service pension at 63

North rhine-westphalia’s finance minister norbert walter-borjans (SPD) opposes transferring the planned pension at 63 to civil servants’ pensions after 45 years of service. "In view of the special features of civil service law, this is not objectively necessary," the SPD politician told the "kolner stadt-anzeiger". For civil servants, there are completely different pension regulations and entitlements than for the rest of the workforce, for example with regard to health insurance.

The black-red coalition agreement stipulates that those who have been insured for many years and have 45 years of contributions will be entitled to a pension when they reach the age of 63. Pensioners can retire without deductions at the age of 63. The german civil servants’ association is now calling for corresponding improvements for civil servants as well. Baden-wurttemberg’s minister president winfried kretschmann (grune) immediately rejected the request.

Walter-borjans criticized: "you can’t demand equality with employees in areas where it seems advantageous, but reject it where civil servants enjoy privileges," he said, pointing out that individual groups of civil servants are already able to retire early. For example, the retirement age for prison officers and police officers is 62, while firefighters can retire without a pension at 60.

The freiburg economist bernd raffelhuschen described the demands of the civil servants’ association as unaffordable. Pension payments for retired civil servants already account for one-tenth of all spending in the states, raffelhuschen told the "stuttgarter zeitung" (friday). By the middle of the next decade, this number will double.

Kretschmann again distanced himself from the black-red pension package. "The grand coalition is launching pension programs worth billions at the expense of social security funds," the green politician told the german press agency in stuttgart. The 65-year-old warned: "we must not only think about today’s pensioners, but also about the pensioners of the future and ensure that they receive adequate pensions."


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