One left, one right ….

A few minutes earlier than the usual start, the after-school children arrived with their

Children’s teachers from the poppenlauer elementary school at the old town hall in the town center of

Poppenlauer a. Today, a very special visit was on their agenda. Already at the entrance they were buried with a warm welcome sign, which was covered with small pieces of knitwear. Magdalena dunisch, former deputy district administrator and spokeswoman for the knitting and hooking ladies, and winfried streit, seniors’ representative and janitor of the poppenlauer seniors’ room, were already waiting eagerly in the seniors’ room. Already in the early morning, both had started to decorate the room with all kinds of knitted items. Everything handmade and that already in many hours by the helpers of magdalena dunisch. Many pieces have already been given away to people in need, such as the chernobyl relief supplies, reports magdalena dunisch. Children’s shoes, hats, scarves, table and sofa blankets and sweaters for big and small, clothes for dolls and knitted animals such as frogs and dolls, and much more – it seemed impossible to stop what magdalena dunisch had brought with her. A complete page of the room was needed to show everything.

Accordingly, the children’s eyes opened when they saw the numerous handiworks.

The boys and girls were first told a story about how it was in the old days. At that time, children were taught knitting and hooking at a very early age, and they had to knit their own dolls. And then, as adults, they had to outfit their own children with homemade knitwear, since clothing items could only be purchased at a high price at the time.

The children were very impressed by the stories and were then allowed to try out for themselves how knitting and hooking works with wool and needles. They didn’t act stupid at all, boys and girls were concentrated. A stitch fell off the needle, but with the help of the ladies this was quickly remedied. Some were so concentrated that they didn’t even notice how the time passed.

As a thank-you, the children’s teachers had sung and performed the self-penned poppenlauer song with the children. Besides, each lady got a self-made heart with a praline as a present from the children.

Streit also had a surprise for the children as a grub from the sankt georgsverein. All got

A voucher for a knitting dolly. Unfortunately, the order had not arrived in time. That has

But the effect that there will be another meeting, where then the knitting dolly will be used

Can. A day that made a big impression on the knitting and hooking ladies as well as on the after-school children

Leaving a lasting impression. More meetings were wished.


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