Procession of lights in obertrubach attracts visitors from near and far

Procession of lights in obertrubach attracts visitors from near and far

The weather was obviously particularly kind to the people of obertrubach, who concluded their eternal adoration with an exceptionally well-attended candlelight procession through the village. Just in time there were a few centimeters of snow and the necessary temperatures. Both contributed to the luminous glow of the many thousands of wax lights that framed the actual religious event of the evening’s procession on the hillsides. The guests of honor, accompanied by the flags of the community, marched from the town hall to the church for the last hour of prayer. Laurentius.

It was like meeting old friends. Thus, pastor werner wolf buried the regional dean and domkapitular josef zerntl and monsignor andreas straub, who had both come from bayreuth as old acquaintances. Wolf was pleased to see among the many guests in the packed house of god the unforgotten and beloved sister alexia and sister engelharda, who had worked in the village for many years and in the meantime had been recalled to the motherhouse in vierzehnheiligen.

Three alumni

A special feature were three alumni who will be ordained as deacons in september in the cathedral of bamberg, among them christian wohlfahrt from obertrubach. In addition to local guests of honor, pastor werner wolf and mayor markus gruner (CSU) were especially pleased about the presence of government president heidrun piwernetz and district administrator hermann ulm (CSU). During the last hour of prayer, priest wolf emphasized his great concern for a common christianity. All the mayors of the surrounding area came, whether catholic or protestant, an emblem of his aspirations.

Spread on the snow

On the surrounding slopes, countless volunteers had spread the thousands of wax lights on the snow. Throughout the year, candle remnants were collected and melted down into candles between the holidays. During the last hour of prayer, the last lights were lit and the darkness quietly descended over the valley. A moment when many stood at the driveway to the B2 with a magnificent view over the town and its surroundings, where the road traffic was locked out of the town for a while and peace and quiet settled over the town in candlelight. The illuminated church tower and illuminated christian symbols dug, as then in the village center huge crowds of people slowly formed for the procession of lights. Father werner wolf, accompanied by believers with numerous lights, carried the blessed sacrament through the village. Guests, especially from the regions around bayreuth and nurnberg/furth, gazed down in fascination, as did richard from nurnberg. "I was already here last year and now i brought some friends with me. For me it is simply important to live and experience tradition", he said. "We are impressed by the attention to detail and by the overall atmosphere.", said one of four visitors from schnabelwaid on the way down to the village. Guests from forchheim saw it similarly.

Arrived from koblenz

Other guests came from hummeltal (bayreuth district). They had brought friends from koblenz, who had come especially for the occasion. "Such full churches and such a large participation, we don’t find that anymore in our country", they were impressed. The license plates on the many parked cars showed that the circle of visitors went far beyond the regional area. The approval of the procession of lights was heard again and again, as pastor werner wolf strives for, namely to preserve the religious core of the day and the tradition and to avoid commercialism, as it is already taking hold elsewhere in french-speaking switzerland.


After the end of the procession and flag parade of the associations, the community of obertrubach invited the helpers and honored guests to a cozy get-together and exchange of ideas. Mayor markus gruner thanked pastor werner wolf for the appropriate religious setting. He did not forget the many hard-working helpers, without whom such a coarse, peaceful festival would not have been possible. The volunteer fire departments prudently directed the flow of cars and spectators. According to your estimation, the number of visitors has increased once again. So much the better, that there were no interferences at all.


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