Religion is important for regula venske

religion is important for regula venske

The writer regula venske (64, "an all too easy death") feels that religion speaks to her – and has therefore rejoined the evangelical lutheran church after many years.

"It's part of my life story and feels right," venske, who has also been president of the PEN center germany since 2017, told the deutsche presse-agentur (dpa).

The award-winning author of crime novels and books for young people and nonfiction explained: "at 16, i was reading sartre when i was in bed with the flu. After a fever dream, i woke up and thought there was no god."But although an enlightened intellectual worldview had actually forbidden her to do so and, moreover, some church representatives had seemed bigoted to her, a longing had remained, the author recalled. The beautiful church music of bach in particular had led her to tears during concert visits.

In the meantime, it is important to her "that you don't just define yourself by common sense. People are more complex than that," concluded venske. A certain amount of humility that comes with faith is also good for people. But for all that, she still calls herself an agnostic.


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