Remembering the victims and learning from history

Remembering the victims and learning from history

On the bows of the local veterans’ and soldiers’ comradeship (VSK), which were laid at the honorary memorials in gifting, posseck and grossau on the occasion of the national day of mourning, it is written "in honorable memory". It seems, however, that this commemoration has lost its meaning for many people. The more than 75 years of peace in germany seem to have become commonplace. But it is the task of each individual to preserve this peace for future generations and to reflect on what can be learned from history on this day.

The VSK would like to call on the population to pause and remember the deceased, especially those who died in the war and victims of violence of all nations, with their honorable memory . She also wanted to show the public the suffering that wars can bring and what ideologies can do to people.

The tightening of the corona’s protective measures does not allow for any public commemorations this year. Already on saturday, however, the service on the occasion of the national day of mourning was held in the districts of posseck and grossau. On sunday followed the memorial service in gifting.


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