Schoolchildren with courage against racism

schoolchildren with courage against racism

For the eleventh or. For the third time, the bamberg cultural service for schools and daycare centers (KS:BAM) and the bamberg-based C. C. Buchner and magellan publishers each receive an award for outstanding cultural education cooperation projects. All schools and daycare centers in the bamberg region that actively cooperated with at least one external cultural education partner at eye level in the 2016/2017 or 2017/2018 school year were eligible to apply.
The projects could be located in different cultural areas: content-related discussions with the areas of art, music, theater and dance were just as possible as applications with a focus on literature, media or history. A total of ten projects took part this year: eight from schools and two from daycare centers – six of them from the city and four from the district.
The presentation of this year's awards took place in the harmony halls. The ceremonial act was organized by the schoolchildren of the E.T.A. Hoffmann grammar school. The theater group of the seventh and eighth classes led through the program in a humorous and entertaining way.
In their speeches, deputy district administrator johann pfister and bamberg's mayor of culture christian lange (CSU) emphasized that both the buchner prize, which is awarded exclusively to schools, and the magellan prize for day-care centers for children had a very important role to play. "It offers from toddlers to young adults, among other things, a quality of life as well as the opportunity to develop culturally as a person. Because often museums and cultural events are not enough in the lives of young people", said the deputy district administrator. And mayor lange explained that children need guidance from adults to access art and culture.
Gunnar grunke, publisher of the C. C. Buchner publishing house, was shocked that in germany alone there are around 7.5 million illiterate people who can read individual words but not coherent sentences. "This means that one in ten germans is illiterate and belongs to the "hooked", regretted grunke. Therefore, it is worth every effort to ensure, already at an early age, with projects such as art and culture, that everyone really has a worthy participation in social life.
This year's magellan prize was awarded to the awo-kultur-kinderhaus st. Elisabeth in frensdorf for his project "music connects and builds bridges". The preschoolers formed an advent and christmas choir, selected traditional songs and planned a show for their performances, for which they designed suitable costumes, requisites and even choir folders. In addition to the choir project, the preschool children also dedicated themselves to a winter musical project together with the bamberg theater school. The story "in the winter forest" came into being.
The first price of the C. C. Buchner publishing house went to the martin-wiesend-schule bamberg special education challenge center with the project "racism – with us?!" Over the course of a year, students from the project group "school without racism – school with courage" have been working together on the project on a voluntary basis and full of commitment, they dealt with this very topic and, together with schoolchildren from the film group and the cooperation partner bamberg:TV, they developed a film for young people that is particularly impressive for its creativity, versatility and low-threshold nature. "They not only used the term "racism" in the process not only have they explained in detail, researched the causes and conducted informative interviews, but they have also taken a personal stand and made it clear that racism must be vehemently opposed", praised olga seehafer. They got to know and discovered different forms of presentation such as interview and scenic play, created a precise storyboard, searched for suitable film locations, familiarized themselves with the sometimes tricky technology, collected film material and finally edited it.


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