Songs of jesus and mary

On the one hand entertaining, on the other hand also deep and cryptic, it happened in the gobweinsteiner scheffel-gasthof. 20 guests came to experience the forchheim dialect poet reinhold schmitt with his accordion. The evening was organized by the gobweinsteiner pilgrimage museum and the volkshochschule of the district of forchheim.
For his songs, schmitt reaches right into the heart of life and what is casually called everyday life. At the same time, schmitt's texts are full of biblical references. Sometimes it seems as if adam and eva or the holy family live right next door – under the inconspicuous names of muller, meier or schmitt.

Spectators join in
Reinhold Schmitt doesn't shy away from serious topics either.
Whether it's a death sentence or the difficult fate of a refugee child that leads to tears. But schmitt has the ability to present the painful in an optimistic, humorous way. "I wanted to make people laugh and help them with this. Life is often serious enough, says the former german teacher and author of popular dialect publications. Among the books he has written, for example, are "selicha zeidn and "nto the basement.

The participation of the audience was definitely desired by schmitt. You were allowed to sing along with the rhymes or add your own thoughts to the poems. The audience made ample use of this. It was a pleasant evening.


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