Successful year for beiersdorf riders

Successful year for Beiersdorf riders

17 victories, 130 placings, 15 ribbons at the county championships, several participations at orienteering rides and st.-martin's parades as well as numerous passed
riding badge examinations – that is the more than successful balance of the 2017 season of the beiersdorf riding group. "For a small association like ours, this is a tremendous achievement", said the head of department carolin schwerdt at the annual general meeting. "I am very proud of my troops."

Second strongest association

The beiersdorf riding group, with 51 members and 20 competition riders, can hold its own with the big clubs, as it showed at the district championships. With a total of 15 participants, three district championship titles and twelve placings in the three disciplines dressage, jumping and eventing, the beiersdorf team was the second strongest club. As last year, carolin schwerdt honored beatrice heidenreich as the most successful rider. The title of most successful young rider is shared by adrienne posekardt, romina guski and lena
Elections were also held at this year's annual general meeting. Members confirmed carolin schwerdt as head of department. She will be represented and supported in her position by bianca posekardt. The financial matters are taken care of as 1. And 2. Treasurers from now on patrizia wachter and jennifer wolf. Thomas oeckler continues as chief technology officer, janette forkel continues as chief typist. The pleasure committee is made up of andrea scheler, susanne oeckler and lena hofmann. Tina kramer was elected youth director and jennifer karl will continue to be responsible for the public relations of the equestrian group for the next two years. Nina siebinger was confirmed as online representative. The highlight of the past year was, as always, the annual horse show on the club's grounds in beiersdorf, which was again a great success in 2017. For the first time, an M-dressage was announced last year. "Since this has met with a lot of approval and positive response, there will also be an M-dressage in beiersdorf in 2018", declared carolin schwerdt. This will then be a
of six competitions for the 2018 district championship to be held in beiersdorf. 


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