Sun, beer and folk festival atmosphere: oktoberfest has begun

sun, beer and folk festival atmosphere: oktoberfest has begun

The wiesn in munich began in autumn sunny weather. With two strokes of the wrist, mayor dieter reiter (SPD) tapped the first keg of beer, opening the 186th anniversary of the founding of the town. Oktoberfest.

He handed the first mab to minister-president markus soder (CSU) to toast a peaceful wiesn with him. The start of the world’s biggest folk festival, which will last until 6 a.M. October around six million people are expected to attend.

Reiter was there in his function for the sixth time, soder for the second time. With a view to the hours of talks on the federal government’s climate compromise, the CSU leader said: "for all the importance of coalition negotiations – berlin was the capital of germany yesterday, but today it’s munich, because it’s the world’s most important festival."But the star of the day was the beer.

The mab costs up to 11.80 euros, which is 30 cents more than the highest price of the previous year. After rider and soder, the other wiesn guests in the tents also got their first beer. Among the visitors were celebrities such as singer florian silbereisen, television presenter kai pflaume, bavarian state parliament president ilse aigner and SPD secretary-general lars klingbeil, who even attended the ninth regional conference of the candidates for the SPD presidency.

Many guests, most of them in dirndl and lederhosen, had been waiting for admission since early morning. The first arrived around 4.30 o’clock in the dark to be at the front of the line. "Took the first S-bahn right away," said felix stenglein from eichenau in upper bavaria. Another school group had come directly from a club: "we didn’t sleep," said one of them.

Shortly after 9.00 o’clock – and thus slightly late – the longed-for sentence came over the loudspeaker system in german, english and bavarian: "dear festival guests, welcome to the oktoberfest. We now open the festival grounds."When the security guards cleared the entrances, many started walking towards the beer tents.

The first marquees were closed before the tapping due to overcrowding, stewards no longer accept guests without reservations. They are reserved out, it is said with the landlords. But neither they nor the festival management are aiming for new records. "This doesn’t have to be a record-breaking wiesn," the new wiesn boss clemens baumgartner (CSU) had said in advance. It is more about a "qualitatswiesn".

In the south part of the oktoberfest there is the oide wiesn again. With historic vehicles and brass band music, the atmosphere is more relaxed and traditional than on the other festival grounds.

Around 600 police officers and many hundreds of security guards are to ensure safety over the 16 days of the festival. The area will be fenced off again this year, and random checks will be carried out at the entrances. There are more video cameras and additional officers with bodycams.

The security point is once again looking after women in particular. The helpers of the action "sichere wiesn fur machen und frauen" (safe wiesn for women and women) are already there on fridays and saturdays in the afternoon and help wiesn visitors who have suffered a sexual assault as well as women who have lost their cell phone, their handbag or their friends and no longer feel safe on their own.

But a new topic has been added: E-tretroller. E-scooters are taboo around the wiesn. They are subject to the same wide-ranging road closures around the festival grounds as cars – and in the evening hours they cannot be rented or parked in an even wider area. Be careful after a visit to the beer tent: you can lose your driving license very quickly – the same blood alcohol limits apply as for driving a car.

The victims of excessive beer consumption, who can no longer even walk, are cared for by around 600 helpers and 50 doctors during the two weeks of the festival. They also take care of other health problems such as cuts and cardiovascular problems.


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