Survey: majority also want to pay for good online information

Looking back over the past five years, respondents said that the quality of information on the internet had risen significantly during that time. The market research company TNS infratest published the data on tuesday in bielefeld.

Among specially surveyed online users, 63 percent are willing to pay for quality content – "whether it’s printed or digital.

19 percent of "onliners" said they had already paid to download articles or entire issues of newspapers on the internet. 29 percent of internet users can imagine accessing and paying for magazine content online instead of buying a print edition in the future.

Among online users, 64 percent "prefer to go on the internet" to search for information free of charge than to spend money on such information by buying newspapers or magazines. The TNS infratest survey was published on 6. And 7. June with a total of 1003 telephone interviews.

The managing director of TNS infratest, hartmut scheffler, sees new opportunities for the media to make money: "the media must develop intelligent and accepted models for tapping into the willingness to pay for well-researched information and, conversely, prevent this well-researched information from (also) being available free of charge."

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