The 8. November will not be a holiday – how the free state justifies its refusal

The 8. November will not be a holiday - how the free state justifies its refusal

A nationwide holiday to mark the 100th anniversary. Foundation day of the state of bavaria? The bavarian SPD would have liked to have – but that's not going to happen now. The state government has rejected the request.

Thursday, 8. November 2018, will probably remain a normal working day in bavaria. The state government has rejected a demand by the SPD in the bavarian state parliament to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the state. To make the foundation day of the free state a holiday in the coming year, strictly rejected. "Bavaria already has the most public holidays compared to other countries", a letter from the ministry of education to SPD parliamentary group leader markus rinderspacher, obtained by dpa in munich, reads as follows.

"The concept of the jubilee year, which is also intended to commemorate the first bavarian constitution of may 1818, argues against the introduction of a single holiday to commemorate the abolition of the monarchy in november 1918."
At the beginning of november, rinderspacher had called on minister-president horst seehofer (CSU)to cancel the 8. Making november a public holiday at least once in the coming year. On 8. November 1918 the monarchy was abolished in bavaria.

Bavarian democracy must be celebrated

"I expected the state government to have more free state self-confidence", said rinderspacher. She thereby missed the chance to celebrate the bavarian democracy in an appropriate way and to emphasize the republican character of the free state of bavaria with a strong sign.
In the letter of the state government, the refusal is also explained by the fact that the introduction of another holiday could lead to an increase in the contributions of employees to care insurance. "Another factor to consider is the proximity in time to the 9. November (especially in view of the events of 1918, 1923, 1938 and 1989)", it continues.

For rinderspacher, however, neither of these are arguments: "i find it regrettable that the CSU is shackling itself here to the berlin customs of nationwide holiday culture instead of cultivating federal democratic patriotism." The reference to the close to the 9. November is also no reason. "It is a pity that the opportunity is missed here to show the connections and timelines of these historical events."

For all those who hoped to be able to plan for another holiday in 2018, there is now little hope for the ultimately decisive vote on the SPD motion in the state parliament, because the parliamentarians have the last word on the SPD's identically worded bill. There are currently ten statewide christian holidays in bavaria, as well as the 1. May and the 3. October, joined by mary himmelfahrt and the augsburg peace festival.

Showdown: seehofer, soder and the paradoxical CSU dilemma


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