The federal government wants to tighten up corona requirements even more

the federal government wants to tighten up corona requirements even more

To contain corona pandemic, federal government plans to enforce further strict contact and quarantine restrictions beyond the current partial lockdown.

In a draft resolution available to the german press agency for this monday’s video conference between chancellor angela merkel (CDU) and the prime ministers of the federal states, it is stated that a large proportion of infections continue to take place in private and outside the public sphere. Therefore, in this phase of the pandemic, it is important for citizens "to significantly reduce their private contacts in the coming weeks, beyond what is permitted or prohibited".

Specifically, the federation demands:


Private parties are to be dispensed with completely for the time being until christmas. Private gatherings with friends and acquaintances are to be limited to one more permanent household. Children and young people should be encouraged to spend their free time only with a boyfriend or girlfriend. With every symptom of cold, and especially cough and cold, one should immediately go home to quarantane.

Contact restrictions:

To be allowed to spend time in public only with the members of one’s own household and with a maximum of two persons from another household. Violations of these contact restrictions will be sanctioned by the regulatory authorities. Celebrating groups in public places, homes and private establishments are considered unacceptable.


Leisure-related activities and visits to areas with public traffic are to be avoided altogether. Also not necessary private journeys and routistic day trips are to be omitted. We also want to avoid unnecessary stays in closed rooms with public traffic as well as unnecessary trips with public transport.


Visits to elderly and vulnerable persons should only be undertaken if all family members are free of symptoms of illness and have not been in a risky situation for at least one week. Particularly dangerous persons are to receive FFP2 masks from december onwards. In order to reduce the risk of infection, the federal government wants to make it possible for this population group to receive 15 of these masks in return for a small personal contribution.


In schools, the wearing of a mouth-nose protection should be compulsory for pupils of all grades and for teachers on the school grounds and during the lessons. In addition, fixed groups of students are to be formed without exception, whereby the group sizes in classrooms are to be halved compared to regular operation. There should be a spatial distance between the individual groups. Within a class or course, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be ensured. This also applies to the school request something with buses, whose offer should be expanded for this purpose.

The chancellor and the heads of state governments will meet this monday afternoon. It is also proposed to hold another meeting a week later, on 23. November – but that could still change. Based on the current level of infection, a decision will be made there as to which measures will apply in december – i.E. Also on christmas and new year’s eve. The partial lockdown in effect since the beginning of november will initially run until the end of november. This monday’s meeting was scheduled from the outset to take stock of the situation. The federal government had already signaled that there could be no relaxation yet.

Merkel put the burghers in the mood for another difficult month on saturday. "The winter ahead will demand a lot from all of us," the chancellor said in her video podcast. "The virus will determine our lives for quite some time to come. This also means that we cannot meet each other directly without worrying about it." Currently, recreational facilities and restaurants are closed, hotels are not allowed to accommodate tourists.

Within a day, the health authorities in germany had found 16 cases of the disease, according to the robert koch institute (RKI) on sunday.947 new corona infections reported. That is 5514 cases less than the day before with 22.461 newly registered fall within 24 hours. The number of cases recorded is usually lower on sundays, partly because there is less testing at weekends. Last sunday the number of reported new infections had reached 16.017 situated.

The 7-day incidence also recently stopped rising as fast as at the beginning of november and on friday was at 140.4 falls in seven days per 100.000 inhabitants. The federal government’s goal is to get to an incidence of 50. Only then would it be possible to trace individual contacts of infected persons again.

The way forward for the schools could become a point of contention this monday. Bavaria’s minister president markus soder (CSU) called for tougher measures on "bild live" on sunday. Preliminary discussions revealed that there was agreement in principle that the schools should remain open for preschool classes. A majority of countries, however, currently do not want to change the rules. Here the fronts are hardened, it was said.


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