The program for the 50th anniversary. Cherry festival in july in pretzfeld is set

This year will be held at the pretzfelder keller from 13. Until 17. July the 50. Cherry festival celebrated. Preparations for the event are in full swing. The patron of this special festival is bavarian interior minister joachim herrmann (CSU).
"On friday there will be a beer tapping", explains the second mayor walther metzner (WPA). For sunday, 10 o’clock, a church service is planned, followed by a morning pint and lunch.
In the afternoon, visitors will line up for the parade, which is scheduled to begin at 2 p.M. Four to five chapels should accompany it. "About 50 groups have registered", tells metzner. A historical fire department will also be present.
"Preparations for the 50th anniversary. Cherry festival run according to plan and satisfactorily. Due to the good cooperation with our partners, the market town of pretzfeld, we are fully on schedule", also says festival and cellar host jonathan wunderlich.
Is such an anniversary a challenge for a young host?? Wunderlich says: "of course, you always learn something new. I have now had two years of living in the city, during which I have learned a lot." But the challenge is actually to make sure that nothing is forgotten. "And – if possible – to please everyone. Which, of course, almost never succeeds. But such preparations are always demanding", says the young host. He is in positive tension and is looking forward to the many people. Because "here you can show what you’ve got, especially when it comes to providing food and drink for the guests".
This year, kellerwirt jonathan wunderlich has again planned a program for young and old: "with our showmen storzer, our family afternoon on tuesday as well as our traditional fruhschoppen on monday." Wunderlich told that he could again win very good music groups for the kirschenfest. It will be "the leutenbacher, "the gerchli", "aeroplane" and the pretzfelder musikverein play. It is important to the host that such traditional festivities do not die out in today’s world, but that they are adapted a little to modern times. Now he’s hoping for beautiful summer weather without rain and storms that want to carry the tent away: "and my team and i are looking forward to a peaceful and great 50. Cherry festival with many guests."

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