The village fountain is bubbling again

The village well gives water again. It is no longer the old well, but a new one that bubbles there. It was inaugurated in the center of town on saturday.

The residents of the staffelstein district with the chairman of the fire department thomas quinger and the local spokesman city councilor jurgen hagel (CSU) brought a piece of the past back to the village of 30 souls. Priest hans-werner alt blessed the fountain, phillip schafer played the trumpet and everyone sang the frankenlied.

Thomas quinger stated: "the well is of great importance to us." The old fountain was beyond repair. Now the new fountain trough stands in the same rough shape and design where the old one was located.

The original village fountain, said quinger, was built in 1929 by karl leuthauber in the village forge in grobheirath. His great-grandson roland kern, owner of the metal construction company kern, built the new fountain. The born used to be fed by the springs near the pastures. The construction of the intercity express railway line has now created a new inflow of groundwater and rainwater.

Cattle trough and milk cooling

For decades, the well served as a cattle trough, but also as a fire barrier – and the milk churns were cooled in it. Today the water is used to water the flowers and garden, said quinger. "The children of zilgendorf learned to swim here", remembered the spokesman of the village community. And at night the young adults had enjoyed not only water games at an advanced hour.

Water as a valuable commodity

The parish priest of altenbanz, hans-werner alt, then spoke contemplative words about the precious commodity of water. The fact that the well is still providing water is a miracle in view of the extreme drought. Water is the basis of all life. In the orient, people only live where there is water. The north african desert was a bleeding country until the forest there was cut down. Tropical forests, too, were increasingly falling victim to the greed of people and unscrupulous businessmen, the clergyman said. We, too, should be careful to waste as little of our own water as possible.

Many helped together

Bad staffelstein’s mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) made it clear that the city council had unanimously endorsed the new construction of the fountain. Around 6,000 euros were invested – without taking into account the work of the building yard and the people’s own contribution. And finally, the support of the kern company, which had erected the fountain at the price of the old one from 1929, was to be praised, he added, not entirely seriously. He was grateful, kohmann continued, that the village community of zilgendorf had approached him with the wish for a new fountain.

On behalf of the people of zilgendorf, camilla muller thanked the village community and all those who had contributed to the success of the project. The event was then celebrated extensively at the gick inn. Thomas quinger had exhibited pictures from bygone days there.


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