Theo and karin stretz “enjoy the time”

Theo and karin stretz

On friday, the westheimer couple theo and karin stretz celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. "Together we enjoy the time", say the couple on their anniversary, as they proudly look back on the past 50 years of marriage. Family celebration to follow today, saturday, beginning with thanksgiving service. Just like 50 years ago, the civil wedding was celebrated on friday and the church wedding on saturday.
Both met in 1966 at the church consecration dance in the steinmetz guesthouse in wohnau. "On church monday", how theo stretz still remembers it very clearly. The first meeting gradually developed into a lifelong love that was sealed 50 years ago at the altar in the church in donnersdorf. A son and two daughters make the family perfect, and there are now six grandsons.

From the ruhr area

Karin stretz, nee, seufert was born in bochum in the ruhr region and grew up in gladbeck. As a young girl, she moved with her parents to donnersdorf, where she attended school for two more years. After that she worked for the company fichtel and sachs in schweinfurt.
For many years, the jubilarian was involved in her new home in the parish of westheim as parish council chairwoman and lector. Karin stretz loves to read and devotes a lot of time to her grandchildren.

A business built up

Theo stretz was born in bamberg and grew up in westheim. In 1965, he set up his own business in his home community as a businessman for doors, windows and building supplies. His wife karin always supported him energetically in building up the business after their wedding. The business and the family were the center of life for the husband and wife, who after 40 years passed the business on to their son, who still runs it today.
One of theo stretz's great passions is processing logs for firewood. He is actively supported by his grandchildren. In addition, theo stretz has for many years enjoyed going out with like-minded people on his scooter. The friendship and conviviality of the scooter friends is maintained by both spouses to this day.
Knetzgau's mayor stefan paulus was among those who congratulated him on his honorary day.


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