Two birds with one stone

Von pechmann strabe in neunkirchen continues to be filled with life: this was the message conveyed by the groundbreaking ceremony for the new residential and office building. A VR bank counseling center is also integrated there.
Eight apartments will be built, four of them barrier-free. Of the eight apartments, four are three-bedroom apartments and four are two-bedroom apartments. "We are building on hereditary building rights", said hans-peter lechner from the board of directors of VR-bank.
In addition to the bank's board members, branch manager matthias schwandner, martin mehl and georg regenfus for the supervisory council, werner schierlein from the planning office and richard leipold from the construction company mickan from amberg also attended the meeting. The mickan company puts the shell on the foundation. The topping-out ceremony is to be celebrated in april of next year. They gave themselves a year's construction time in order to turn the rough building project into a reality.
A new head office for the eastern area is to be built on the 1892 square meter site at the old train station. The two branches here in neunkirchen from the old volksbank days are getting on in years.

Two birds with one stone

"That's why we decided to build on a completely new site," said lechner, said lechner.
The site at the gates of neunkirchen was ideal for the realization of the project. Originally, the catholic church foundation wanted to build on the site. But then she jumped off.
The VR bank could kill two birds with one stone here, because on the one hand a bank building and on the other hand a rental property would be created. "It is also a commitment to neunkirchen am brand", said lechner. The catchment area also includes uttenreuth and baiersdorf.
Mayor heinz richter (G) was also pleased with the groundbreaking ceremony. Also the responsible persons of the bank see it as a strengthening of the region by the one rough branch. After all, the bank's commercial space is 340 square meters on the first floor. "VR customers can look forward to a modern building with parking spaces, an underground garage and a rail connection, richter said.
For the market town council and the administration it was a long act and now they are happy to have the VR-bank with the residential and office building in the center here. Architecturally, the building fits in well and is a good response to the housing shortage that also exists in neunkirchen.
In addition to the bank area, there is also 152 square meters of commercial space available. Before the excavator rolled over the flat, the responsible persons and mayor richter courageously took up their shovels. It was the starting signal for an ambitious project.


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