With house music against the collapse: “music is system-relevant”

With house music against the collapse: 'music is system-relevant'

For many years, judith bodendorfer’s harp led an orphaned existence: unnoticed, unplayed, it gathered dust in the storage room. That’s over now – thanks to the corona crisis.

"Now i play every day again," says the munich woman. "Every now and then just ten minutes. But that’s enough to make progress."The rediscovered love for their instrument is for them more than just the occupation with notes and rhythms. It is also a break, a time-out from the corona cosmos. The 33-year-old is not the only one, as music teachers and experts are also discovering these days.

Music as a distraction: "the hands and the mind are busy, you can’t think about anything else. Not even viruses and fall numbers. For me, this is a break," says bodendorfer. Even if there will be a vaccine at some point and the corona crisis will be history, she wants to keep making music. "Maybe not so often anymore, but the fun of making music is back," she says.

Ulrich nicolai, chairman of the tonkunstlerverband bavaria (dtkv), has also noticed signs of a revival of home music-making. There are no figures for this trend yet. But in his circle of acquaintances there were several people who – for the first time since their youth – picked up the strings or keys again. A good decision, as nicolai thinks. "Active music-making is already possible with simple means," he says. "And you don’t need an instrument to sing at all."

Even in its simplest form, music makes it possible to express all emotions "from raw joy to deep sorrow," says the professor, who teaches at the university of music and theater in munich. Those who like it more tangible can express enthusiasm or rage with a wooden spoon and a pot – as a substitute for drums. "No other art form offers this possibility."Even the passive enjoyment of music is considered valuable by nicolai in life crises. The immediacy with which a music consumer is struck by the music can alleviate worries and pain and provide comfort.

Roland pongratz, musical director of the "folk music academy in bavaria" based in freyung, lower bavaria, sees it in a similar way. Music soothes the soul. And she is omnipresent. "There is a saying that music accompanies you from the cradle to the grave – and of course through every crisis," says pongratz. For this reason alone, it is clear to him: "music is relevant to the system".

Nevertheless, the times – especially for folk musicians – are not easy at the moment. Because: the genre lives from each other, from interaction. "Folk music is in the rarest cases a pure performance music. She wants to encourage people to dance and sing along. It’s all about the we-feeling."A feeling that naturally cannot come about with spatial distancing and a ban on contact.

Peter bursch, one of germany’s most famous guitar teachers, uses the unexpected free time to write another textbook after the tour with his band broslmaschine was cancelled. In addition, he teaches his students via the internet. The demand is rough. "It may well be that the corona crisis will trigger a boom in acoustic instruments, in making music at home," says the musician and music pedagogue from duisburg. "People are noticing that music is suddenly becoming incredibly important. That making music will help them better cope with the upcoming problems."

Younger people were now discovering active music making for themselves – which could counteract the trend of the last few years. "In the last few years, learning to play an instrument has not been very popular with children and teenagers. This could now be reversed."


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