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Prases detlef potzl put the human being in the center of his sermon at the service for the 70th anniversary of the KAB local association wickendorf. The KAB is also a community, with the same values and the same goals, to fight for the good cause. Justice and solidarity are not just words, emphasized the clergyman. After all, even a small effort is worth something. This should be seen, judged in terms of christian conviction and, at best, acted upon.

The service was accompanied by the choir "cantate nova" under the direction of ilona beetz and uwe thoma at the organ musical as well as by the KAB-members with furbitten and thoughts impressively arranged. This service was preceded by a church parade with delegations of the local associations, led by the musicians of wickendorf. After the mass, they marched to the parish hall, where words of praise were spoken and the family day began.

Many workers and their families have experienced the solidarity, fellowship and friendship of the KAB over the past 70 years, emphasized chairman gunther fehn. "We draw today’s strength from the past. A source of inestimable value", said fehn.

He recalled major successes in social policy that the KAB had achieved through its perseverance. "We are very proud of the major achievements of child benefit and mother’s pension. They are an incentive for our further work. We are committed to minimum wages, an unconditional basic income, protection of sundays and our pension model, and we urge politicians to put the social aspects of solidarity and justice in our state back in the center." When it comes to responsible cooperation in church, state and society, the KAB members are called upon in a special way.

Mayor gabriele weber emphasized the importance of the local voluntary associations and described them as the "soul of the community". She was pleased that the KAB in wickendorf contributes to village life with its pilgrimages, lectures and the family day. The KAB has its ear to the ground and in society and points out the deficits, summed up the head of the arnica town.

Heinz hausmann, a long-time member of the local association, is proud of the KAB’s successes over the past 70 years. He mentioned the child-rearing periods in the pension insurance or the holiday regulation in bavaria, which the KAB helped to push through. KAB had also supported the reform of the local government areas. The small local associations had also fought for it.

District chairman gunther romig conveyed the congratulations of the district executive committee. "If you want to talk about particularly ruhr associations in our community, you can’t get past wickendorf. The organization of the local events, the participation in actions of the diozesan and federal federation and the participation in the annual candle action are considered for you as a matter of course", praised romig. Members of the local association had also been active in the district association for many years – here he recalled senior citizen caretaker erika broy. Until today, the KAB has lost nothing of its necessity, although it has become more difficult to introduce the values into politics. Nevertheless, one must participate in the shaping of society – especially because of the children and grandchildren.

Maria gerstner from the KAB diocesan secretariat in kronach was pleased that the KAB in wickendorf had found a very committed, ruhrigen prases in dean detlef potzl. She pinned the KAB cross on him.

The "young wickendorfers" played at the spring pint under the leadership of its director florian beetz, the company is now.


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