Nurnberg/bavaria: house wall blown away – man (60) seriously injured in possible gas explosion

Nurnberg/bavaria: house wall blown away - man (60) seriously injured in possible gas explosion

Gas explosion blows up entire house wall in nurnberg: on saturday, 30.03.2019, around 10.At 3 p.M., witnesses informed the nurnberg operations center of a possible explosion in a terraced house in the hoffmannstrabe in the werderau district of town.

When the first patrol arrived, rough parts of the facade of the terraced house were already lying on the street and in the adjacent front garden, as the police reported on saturday afternoon.

60-year-old suffers severe burn injuries

In the second floor of the present was also a rough hole visible. A male person was still in the apartment and was brought to safety by the emergency services. The rescue service then took over the first aid and brought the 60-year-old with severe burn injuries to a hospital.

The fire department extinguished a small fire in the apartment and evacuated the residents of the adjacent buildings as a precautionary measure. About 50 firefighters from the nurnberg fire department, the werderau volunteer fire department and the ambulance service were on the scene.

Explosion or deflagration the cause?

The central franconia criminal investigation service and the specialist department of the nurnberg criminal police took over the securing of traces at the scene and the investigation into the still unknown cause. Investigators are currently working on the assumption that there was an explosion or deflagration in the apartment on the second floor.

According to initial investigations, the damage caused to the buildings and parked cars, which were damaged by debris, amounts to several hundred thousand euros.

An expert is currently assessing whether the affected buildings are still habitable. The investigation is still ongoing.


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